Germany has promised Ukraine the delivery of 40 Marder armored personnel carriers – and is now trying to find the Marder. The controversial Minister of Defense Lambrecht has apparently now managed to secure 20 of the 40 tanks. Because: After a phone call with her, Greece is now giving up half of the tanks promised to them.

In the search for the 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles promised to Ukraine by Chancellor Scholz, the federal government has apparently come a step further: As several insiders from government circles confirm, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) was apparently able to save the Chancellor’s promise on Monday evening.

According to Business Insider, she called her Greek counterpart Nikos Panagiotopoulos around 6 p.m. In the conversation, he is said to have promised that Greece would initially forgo half of the 40 martens that Germany had promised the country as part of a ring exchange a few months ago. The martens should go to Ukraine instead. Greece, on the other hand, is to have the missing vehicles replaced from Rheinmetall stocks over the course of the year as soon as the company has made them operational.

Where the remaining 20 of the 40 martens for Ukraine come from is still an open question. They are said to be scraped together from Bundeswehr stocks, but it is not entirely clear where exactly they came from.