The Deputy of Sverdlovsk region Ilya Gaffner, who was famous for the scandalous advice to the Russians “eat less” in a crisis, make last year 4 cents, follows from the Declaration published on the website of the regional Parliament.

According to the document, the annual income of a Deputy of 0.04 rubles. In the use of Haffner is the only apartment with an area of 66.6 square meters. He also has three minors, each of which in use one apartment with an area from 80 to 239 square meters, RIA “Novosti”.

In February 2016 the court at the request of Rosselkhozbank has started the restructuring of debts of Gaffney. During the bankruptcy proceedings to the Deputy was declared requirements Rosselkhozbank and Sberbank 169 million rubles. In may 2019, the arbitration court has completed the procedure of sale of property of Gaffney, but did not release him from obligations to creditors. This decision was confirmed by the appellate and cassation proceedings, as in February 2020, Russia’s Supreme court.

Gaffner became widely known in January 2015, when he participated in the project “people’s control” of the party “United Russia”. Residents complained to the Deputy to the sharp rise in prices for products of first necessity. Gaffner said that if the Russians do not have enough money, you just have to think about their own health and, for example, less to eat.