a neighbor in the apartment 20 cats, the smell in the entrance is horrible. What to do? Can it involve?

This is a very complex legal and ethical situation. But the fight with the neighbor’s cat mess and can and should be. Your neighbor is clearly in violation of sanitary and epidemiological legislation. Every person has a right for a favorable environment. And this right is protected by law.

Need to contact the police and the territorial bodies of Rospotrebnadzor. They in turn are required to inspect, to study, to install, exceeded acceptable standards by the smell. The result of this check will be grounds for further action. Can be brought to administrative responsibility – a fine of up to $ 1000.

If tenants or homeowners are using residential premises for other purposes, – for the maintenance of an untold number of cats, thus violating the legitimate interests of the neighbors, on the decision of the court can evict. Employers – without providing other dwellings, and owners, and with the termination of rights to housing. The apartment is sold on auction, and pay the proceeds, net of implementation costs. In addition, victims may recover non-pecuniary damage, because the violated right of a safe environment is a moral law.

Several years ago I witnessed the eviction of the grandmother, whose apartment-lorry lived more than 60 cats. She was very sorry, much more than their neighbors. In the entrance there was an intolerable stench. When the team was cleaning the apartment, then found several dead cats, they, apparently, were the source of the terrible smell. In my view, the court should in such cases make a clear decision to evict, regardless of the personality and merits. We are talking about the health and life of other people who have the right to love or not to love cats, but live in clean and tidy.

neighbors on the balcony came a burning cigarette butt. What to do? Can they be punished?

the legislation does not prohibit Smoking on the balcony (but not in the stairwell). The decision of the government of the Russian Federation there is only a ban on the use of open fire in the living room, including on the balcony. That is, you can smoke, but the light from the open fire is impossible. To attract neighbor can. For such violation for individuals a fine of 2000 to 3000 rubles. But if the violation occurred during the period of special fire prevention regime, then from 2000 to 4000.

If from a neighbor’s cigarette butt caught fire, and your property damage, that is, from violations of fire safety there is also concrete material implications, from 4000 to 5000 rubles.

the Problem is that to attract a difficult neighbour, you need to fix the time, place, obstoyat��again St violations. This can be a video or message of the witnesses. If there was a fire, be sure to call the firefighters. And not only for mitigation but also for clarification of circumstances, including in order to find the culprit.

If as a result of the arisen fire someone suffered serious bodily harm, or has died, then the perpetrator will bear criminal liability. He will have to serve a sentence of up to 7 years.

Teenagers sprayed the whole door, including obscene inscriptions. What will be the parents, in that case, if the camera recorded who they belong to?

the law is not such a harmless violation. Such artistry are considered vandalism. And this is a criminal offence. Children up to 14 years of responsibility, as you know, are not responsible for them parents, they are obliged to compensate the damage caused. In addition, they may be imposed a penalty for non-performance or improper performance of duties on education of children, up to 500 rubles. That is, we can safely call the district, if this happened in your home. Recording the surveillance cameras will serve as evidence in the case.

the Neighbors make repairs, hammer drill they work and sleep hours and early morning. Plaguing no. What to do?

Value is of when, day or night disturbed the silence and where the region in which it occurs. In most of the territories it operates from 23 o’clock till 7 o’clock in the morning. Sunday, festive days – from 19 up to 9 hours and from 13 to 15 hours.

If your neighbors are at this time listening to loud music, sawing and drilling, so that it is impossible to sleep and there are no warnings do not help, contact the police, the employee shall make up the Protocol.

there is the eternal problem, in a big house is not always possible to determine where the noise is. A police officer has no right to enter residential premises without the consent of the citizens. Then it is necessary to conduct a survey of other neighbors who also suffer from construction or loud music. If the measured noise level excess will be installed, it will serve as a basis for prosecution. She, in turn, is determined by the regional legislation. For example, in Moscow, is the administrative code of the city, providing for a fine of from 1000 to 2000 rubles, and in the middle Urals – the law “About administrative offences”, whose sanction from 500 to 2000 rubles.

it is Possible to appeal to court with the requirement to compensate moral harm. And as a last resort, when nothing does not help, it could be even eviction violators of peace.

In the residential complex all the residents agreed not to Park and use private yard only for loading and unloading. But for those who do not write the rules, are always. What to do with them?

If the owners of their common solution set the restriction of the use of a closed area of the yard only for loading and unloading works, this rule shall be bound by all tenants. Even those who voted “against”, and despite the fact that the land plot is in common ownership tenants. Residents can develop and establish rules for the use of the common property and specify penalties for different types of violations. The penalty is credited to the HOA or management company and shall be spending on the General needs of homeowners.