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Many can feel the frustration of koronasituasjonen, and with all it carries with it.

the Insulation can also affect your sex life, both for those who are in couples and for those who are single.

NRK have talked with Dagfinn Sørensen, a psychologist and specialist in clinical sexology, Hilde Margrete Kristiansen, the specialist in sexologisk consulting and occupational therapist and standupkomiker Trine Lise Olsen.

Here is their advice for what to do with their sexual needs.

– Arrange it yourself

It is not so easy for singles to meet new people in order to “get something” on the day. Then one must almost take the matter into their own hands.

Sexologists say that there are many creative solutions for the satisfaction without the partner.

– for example, They can look for different gadgets you want to test out, ” says Hilde Margrete Kristiansen.

She also suggests to look at the sensual and romantic movies, which do not necessarily have to be porn.

– There are plenty of this online, and it can be to provoke and provide a little extra spice in everyday life for those who do not have someone they can be with.

Dagfinn Sørensen, a psychologist and specialist in clinical sexology, stresses that it is important to remember that no one dies of not having sex.

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Dagfinn Sørensen points out that no one dies of not having sex, even if it runs a long time between battles.

– It is not so that most people are unable to deal with the lack of satisfaction in the sexual area. Sexual needs can be satisfy on your own, and it makes the most when they are not in a relationship, ” says Dagfinn Sørensen.


Also, for people in committed relationships can isolasjonstilværelsen city challenges. You spend much more time together with family and partner than in the past.

– the Experience of presence can at best feel mixed, mean Sørensen.

He says it is important to remember that people have different needs, and that the current situation can affect both the desire and the need.

– The best advice is often proves to be the most difficult thing when it comes to sex, namely, to talk about things before it becomes a problem, ” he says.

He explain that the need to talk together increases proportionally with the time you spend together.

The best advice from sexologists is to talk together about what needs you have, before it becomes a problem.

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Kristiansen also says that it to find time and space for sexual activity may be more difficult now.

– You see each other too much in a way. One harbours a little of the old habits and can’t get all the way to to do things just as exciting when you see each other around the clock.

She believes that a good maxim when it comes to sex and sexuality is that three minutes is better than to set off an hour.

If we can find some time to enjoy themselves in the shower or in the cubbyhole as do rather it. It doesn’t take more than three minutes.

– We must remember to masturbate

Standupkomiker Trine Lise Olsen also believes it is important to masturbate. It is because she is afraid that the “hysteria” to come back.

– Before in time, it was called hysteria when women did not orgasm. We have to fit us for now. If one has a family and such, so should the lady in the house to gain a good toy to get out a little frustration. It is absolutely “key” that hysteria is not going to come back.

She is single and using the app Peaks to meet other singles. It has unfortunately not been any “tinderdates” in the past.

– If someone asks me to meet at the peaks, so do I delete them. So strict must I be and as simple as that.

Standupkomiker, Trine Lise Olsen, believes it is important that women get out frustration through masturbation.

Photo: Tanja Norbye / NRK – Be spacious, with each other

Dagfinn Sørensen believes there is great variation how high sex is on the list of things that are important now.

– I suspect that very many would say that it is not what one is most concerned about now, but then you have those who feel that sex is a way to unwind from the worry and unrest. That it becomes a positive self-medicate at the moment, and there is nothing wrong in it.

Sørensen think the most important thing is that people fit on each other and are generous with each other. And that many will experience it as positive to be together in a difficult time.

– to take care of each other implies that one is open and honest on what you need and don’t need. And if you are experiencing differences in sexual needs, so one can talk about it.

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