With those words, had Martin Successfully put on the tube with his son when he was on the top with a friend.

good Luck and turkameraten Paul Moum Bakkejord was maundy Thursday out on top in the Røvassdalen in Rana, they were attacked by the large bird.

We first tried to go around it, but it came after from the bottom in the woods all the way up to the tree line, ” says Luck.

The two were on their way up Røvassdalen to the top with the local name “sugar loaf”. On the way up, they were met by a capercaillie that blocked the road.

Martin, Luck is often on tour in the area, but have never experienced such an aggressive bird.

Photo: Private

We went across a plain. When we would go into the woods he stood in front of where we had to go. We tried to go a good distance around it. But then decided it to fly in front of us and block the way.

Hell tell that the bird was very territorial and would have them out of the area. But it was not enough for the bird. Right from down on the plain where they met the and up to the tree line came the after. Everything lasted for almost 40 minutes.

– It is not often I have experienced that they have been so hard to work. This was very territorial, it is 1 out of 1000 times.

Attack on the descent

Paul Moum Bakkejord tells us that the trip went fine until they were going down again from the top.

– First ran Martin down, so I came. In the peripheral vision so I tiuren get settende out from a bush. It flew maybe 60-70 metres straight at Martin, and went to attack again.

Martin Hell tells us that he has dealt with both chickens and other birds in the past.

– It was full attack. It jumped up on the top lid of the bag and hit me in the head with the wings.

When tiuren went to attack once again did not come turkameratene of the stain. They tried to fight it away with a skistav, but was going to have to go harder to work.

Paul Moum Bakkejord tells that tiuren almost waiting for them when they went down from the mountain again.

Photo: Private

– finally, I took hold of it as it went to attack. I know how to deal with them, and did it gently for his part. Then I threw him away the last time he gave up and then we managed to shake him off us.

The two have hunted a lot of capercaillie together in the hunting season. Yet they have not experienced anything similar before.

We continue to pursue both two and has been close to the bird earlier. But not something like this. We were not afraid, but you are a bit careful, for they bite the hard, says Bakkejord.

Professor: – Keep a distance,

Hans Christian Pedersen is a former senior fellow at the NINA and the professor in hønsefuglbiologi. He tells us that behavior from the tiuren is classic.

– This is the normal behavior of what we call spillgale tiurer. At the moment someone comes into o the area of its, see it all as a challenge.

Pedersen said there are enough concerns about an adult capercaillie because of the size. He advises others to keep distance and do not try to grab the bird as it was done here.

Former senior fellow at the NINA, Hans Christian Pedersen urge people to be cautious in the face with the large bird.

Photo: Arvid Torsgard / NRK

– One should preferably not do it. They are very high gears, and can do great damage. I had almost expected that it would be worse off that they took hold of it, ” he says.

Late april/may is like the top of the brunstperioden for the birds. Pedersen advises others who encounter the bird in the time ahead, to be careful and keep a good distance.

– Goes to the attack, one should try to keep it at a distance with a stick or similar and get out of the area its.

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