Cristiano Ronaldo will be staying with his family at the family at the Madeira island. He had already seen that, for a moment not have an impact on a great body. To train, he will continue to do so. But now we have the chance to do other things, such as take a walk with the kids through the streets of Funchal and the atlantic.

for The next four months and should be Close to it, with a little less to do, because he is willing to be around four million euro reward to be at the Top. To the pit of poverty, it will not immediately lead to the Portuguese one, it would just be a Bugatti Centodieci before. That new sports car, of which only ten have been made, the cost is a small ten million.

Photo: AFP) Photo: AFP More about Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo and co. deliver in four months ‘ salary in a district of Barcelona, is watching plan to have a lack of revenue to compensate for Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pep Guardiola to donate 1 million euros to the fight against corona is As sharp as a… Size: in the full coronacrisis to let The abdominal muscles do not rest, He will teach the kids how to do it