Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin appointed Dmitry Agureev Deputy head of the Ministry of communications, published on the official portal of legal information of the order. Since 2011, Mr. Agureev headed different directions of retail business in Sberbank.In a press-service of the Ministry of communications TASS reported that Mr Agoureev’s new position will be to oversee the development of the industry of Informatization and to be responsible for starting up, a common methodology and coordination of superservice (complex of services on the portal). In addition, he will design state of the services and creation of end-to-end system monitoring of their quality.After the new government of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina the Minister became Maksut Shadaev, the Agency left three Deputy Ministers. We are talking about Oleg Voitenko, Mikhail Mamonovo and Alexei Sokolov. Recall that in late July, Mr Mishustin reported to the state Duma the government in 2019. As the Prime Minister was appointed in 2020, he used the report for the presentation of the socio-economic program of the government.Details — in the material “Kommersant” “Report of concern”.