In Crimea revealed more than 9 thousand objects, built on plots for individual housing construction, but surrendering to tourists in the holiday season. The regional authorities want to end the year 2020 to prepare a bill for the legalization of private accommodation facilities and to legalize the concept of “guest house”. But members of the resort market of the Crimea in doubt about the success of this idea, stressing that it was not discussed with the business.”We have detected over 9 thousand objects that are used for commercial purposes, engaged in the delivery of housing constructed on sites with the purpose of individual housing construction (IZHS.— “Kommersant”). I’m all for people earning this way, but from the point of view of safety it is necessary that all it was in the legal field,”— said on August 4, at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of its head Sergey Aksenov. According to Mr. Aksenov, such housing should be given the status of “guest house”. In addition, the head of Crimea instructed to develop a bill on sanctions for the illegal exploitation of water transport on beaches.”The main task is matching the price and quality of services provided… If the hoteliers will try for two months to earn for the next two years, next season we lose part of our loyal vacationers,”— said Mr. Feldman. In this regard, as well as the circumstances of the pandemic coronavirus, as reported by Sergey Aksenov, to the end of the year in the Crimea will not conduct inspections of accommodation facilities.The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea, told “Kommersant” that the question of legalization of mini-hotels have already been worked out. Before September 1 must be submitted the new list to all small accommodation facilities that operate in the land for individual housing construction. In the Republican Ministry and the Federal tourism Agency, Ministry of economy, Ministry of emergency situations and the Ministry of construction prepare proposals on amendments to the Federal law.However, the Chairman of the public organization “Spa Crimea” Alexander Burdonov doubt that officials have time to do everything on time. “It is noteworthy that the work on the drafting of the amendments representatives of the resort industry and social activists working in this field, was not invited. You have to understand one simple thing — the private sector will not come out of the shadows, if it would be unprofitable and difficult to do. The law is full of loopholes that will allow private owners to continue to operate under the old scheme. Renamed “guest house” to “guest yards” and calmly continue to take a rest”,— he explained “Kommersant”.According to Mr. Burdonov, it is necessary to maximally simplify all procedures: “80% of tourists vacationing in the Crimea, are in the private sector and bring in the local budget to $1 billion for the season.””Do not press them, and create acceptable conditions. Give easy��e patents on the delivery of housing, say, 500 or 1,000 rubles for a bed, razberetsya the registration procedure and reduce to a minimum the statements,” advises Alexander Burdonov.Then, according to the expert, “people will flee to register”. “It is also necessary to create an online platform where accommodation facilities could specify the characteristics of its facilities that the tourist could understand where he was going,” he says.According to the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea in July, Crimea was visited by 1,432 million tourists, with more than half of them (62.7 per cent) arrived on the Peninsula on the Crimean bridge in cars and buses. The average load of hotels and guest houses accounted for 80% of the number of objects — 95%. August in sanatorium-resort organizations of the Republic of booked about 90% of the inventory.Alexander Dremlyuga, Simferopol