Four fires occurred Saturday night in the middle of Brønderslev. A 28-year-old person has been arrested.

The Police are investigating four fires in Brønderslev in Vendsyssel, and have arrested a person in the case.

Fires have occurred in the course of Saturday evening, writes police on Twitter.

– We have shortly after midnight arrested a person suspected in the case.

on the Night of Sunday, informs vagtchef Mads Hessellund from the North jutland Police, the arrested person is a 28-year-old man.

He would not disclose more about the person.

According to the lokalmediet Jutland occurred, the fires close to each other.

The arrested were led away in handcuffs and white coveralls in order to preserve evidence, write lokalmediet.

the Fires must among other things be occurring in a block of flats, a shop and in a car.

in Addition, according to lokalmediets issued occurred a fire in Bredgade in the middle of Brønderslev city.

It is not known if there come any to damage by the fires.

According to North, one person was, however, bailed out of the burning block of flats, where an apartment would be “immensely damaged”.