guidelines on distance are observed, there is not room for all children in the capital’s institutions.

There must be good spacing between the children, when day-care institutions, this week begins to open again, and if the kids must sit at the tables, the teachers place them with at least two meters of distance.

How is it in the national board of Health’s recommendation for day-care facilities, which reopens as part of the government’s genåbningsplan.

But the new requirement to square metres means that there is space for fewer children in institutions, writes the city of Copenhagen in a press release.

It implies that some of the institutions in the city of Copenhagen does not have room to receive all the children who are enrolled. It writes the Information.

the city of Copenhagen has therefore asked the parents to disclose their pasningsbehov by Tuesday.

First then find the day-care institutions if there is enough space for the number of children, there is a need to be cared for.

According to the chairman of the Copenhagen Forældreorganisation, Julie Kyndesgaard, it puts the parents in a pressure situation.

– It is a really problematic situation for the parents, because it has been stated that day-care institutions open again, she says.

Therefore, get the parents to stand as a louse squeezed between two fingernails, as their employer plan, that the parents come to work, because there is opened for babysitting, and it is not at all certain that it is the reality.

In the city of Copenhagen takes you do not the sorrows in advance, and waiting instead to see if there actually is a problem, if there are several parents who need care than there is space in their day care center.

the Place can also be a challenge in the country’s schools, which in those days make ready to welcome the youngest students on Wednesday.

It says a president of the Headteachers Claus Hjortsdal to Jyllands-Posten.

While it is expected that there will be space to 0.-5.-the classes soon, rejecting the school leaders, that it can be open to all students already in about a month, if the requirements on the distance between the pupils is maintained.

– We use the entire staff to get it here to succeed. If you imagine that we must open up fully about a month on the same terms, so it’s simply not, says Claus Hjortdal to the Jyllands-Posten.