dietitian Inna Kononenko assessed the condition of the emaciated 100 pounds Russian producer and musician Maxim Fadeev. Her words leads to “the Fifth channel”.

the Specialist noted that such drastic changes in weight can harm the body, in particular, it threatens the formation of stones in the gallbladder. “Without supervision of experts so to lose weight is impossible. Because a hundred pounds a year is a lot,” — said the doctor.

According to Kononenko, now Fadeeva very skinny legs, indicating a loss of muscle mass.

27 Jun Fadeev showed itself in the photo, saying that he dropped 100 pounds of weight. He also promised to publish his method of weight loss.

At the beginning of April the producer, then dropped 82 pounds, shared the secret extra weight loss. It is advised to drink in the morning, afternoon and evening for 600 milliliters of water, “a nice burning throat, but not boiling water”. “You have no idea how the weight will leave,” said the producer.