Bicycle paths can be arranged in the Strogino district in Moscow in the near future. This was reported Monday in the official Telegram channel of the Moscow Department of transport.

"In the near future organized bike paths in Strogino on them appeals a lot, and they will be in a temporary performance, and therefore will not create difficulties for urban transport and private vehicles", – said the Deputy mayor Maxim Liksutov, whose words are included in the publication.

He added that it continues to collect proposals on the development of road transport infrastructure in the city. "Without your suggestions, we cannot always account for all the nuances of opinions – motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, local residents, young mothers coming to the office nearby employees and so on. Often each has their own truth, and our task is to try to reconcile all. It is not always possible and will always be unhappy that we are doing too little for cyclists or doing too little for motorists", – said Liksutov.