Pandemic coronavirus has deprived us this year of many of the usual entertainment and pleasures, and in the fashion industry these changes were most evident. Fashion week is almost entirely moved online — no spectacular shows with elaborate decorations in different parts of the world. Only a few brands decided to conduct a fashion show with a limited number of viewers. br>
While we all dream of when everything will be as before, we propose to identify other locations — scenic, strange and even frightening — were chosen by the designers for the shows in the past. Gathered some of the memorable fashion show in our material.

1.Fendi Great wall

Karl Lagerfeld was a well known fact that for every Chanel show created in the space of the Grand Palais in Paris whole new world, bringing the audience in a luxurious casino, then the spaceport. To choose the most impressive show is very difficult, but do not think that the Kaiser of fashion was neglected by another brand, a fashion designer whom he was with 1965, Fendi.

for the Italian brand he invented one of the most ambitious and time-consuming in the organization of the show. Display of a collection autumn-winter 2007/2008 was held at the great wall of China — the legendary world cultural heritage with more than two thousand years of history.

negotiations with local officials took nearly a year, and the show itself because of the protracted approval process had to be postponed from may to October. According to reports, the show cost $ 10 million, making it one of the most expensive in history. The great wall of China, the event of this level is also held for the first time.

the Show took place on part of the wall an hour away from Beijing. Fashion show took place at sunset, and in the final of the mountain projected capital letter F — brand logo. Took into account local traditions — during the show was presented 88 images, as the number 8 is considered in Chinese culture, a symbol of prosperity.

Where are we going next? Maybe on the moon?

— joked after the show, Silvia Venturini-Fendi.

2.Pierre Cardin is a desert in Northwest China

However, a Grand display of Fendi was not the only large-scale fashion event in China in 2007. Then his spring-summer collection 2008 showed Pierre Cardin. Unlike many designers who have paid attention to China and its market only in recent years, card at that time for 30 years introduced the Chinese public with French fashion, and made every effort to strengthen cultural ties.

for the first time in China he was back in 1978 year, and in 1979 held the first show in Beijing (for the General public it was closed, admitted it was only industry experts). This was followed by several defiles, which were held in an open format. In 1985, Cardin invited the Chinese models to Paris to attend the screening of his new collection.

And in 2007 he held the triumphant return of the designer in China. At this time, the fashion show was held in Gansu province, on the outskirts of the ancient Chinese city of Dunhuang on the silk road, it was there that originates the Gobi desert. The runway length of 280 metres was laid directly on the sand dunes for the evening, the fashion house showed 200 outfits.

By the way, this is the place for fashion shows and had symbolic value. It Dunhuang was the gateway to China in ancient times the only way for the European traveler to get to this far Eastern country. So arrived in China along the Great silk road of Marco Polo more than 700 years ago. The connection of Europe and Asia, ancient and modern, was highlighted in the collection — carnival of Venice alternated on the podium of the traditional Chinese dragon dance.

In subsequent years, the designer has once again returned to the province and held a fashion show among the rocks Yellow River Stone Forest, and the 40th anniversary of its cultural relations with China noted the great wall of China in September 2018.

3.Chanel — streets of Havana

But not all shows are looking for the most secluded places and untouched corners of nature, some fashion shows are held right on the streets! So it was with the cruise collection of Chanel, 2017, presentation of which was held in Cuba. The choice of location was due to the long-awaited thaw in relations between Cuba and the United States and the official opening of the country to American tourists.

Chanel catwalk Show

Since 1960, the United States has banned its citizens to visit Cuba and placed an embargo on trade with Cuba. In March 2016, held a historic visit of Barack Obama (then President of the USA) to Cuba.

It was the first official visit by the President of the United States for 88 years, and this event was immediately dubbed “the Cuban thaw”. And in may on one of the main boulevards of Havana was the Chanel show.

Karl Lagerfeld claimed that he planned to hold a show in Cuba but the coincidence was very striking. Along with the Rolling Stones concert show of the French brand became a symbol of a new phase of island life. Ended with a fashion show a dance that Cuba is so famous, models began to dance.

by the Way, long been rumors that the show will be attended by 19-year-old in��UK of Fidel Castro Tony Castro, who by that time had already tried himself in the role of the model, but in the end, he was only a guest show on a par with such stars as Gisele Bundchen, Tilda Swinton, and VIN Diesel.

Gisele Bundchen

It is a great honor for all Cubans, what major event took place here,

— said while Castro Jr.

4.Alexander McQueen — wind tunnel

an Unusual location does not always mean the opportunity to admire the natural beauty. Sometimes the designers managed to create amazing conditions and indoors. So, during the presentation of the collection autumn-winter 2003/2004 from Alexander McQueen models before the catwalk overcame the wind tunnel like a wind tunnel with artificial snow.

the Designer has considered that it will help the best way to present things from long flowing fabrics. According to his idea, the fashion show was supposed to be like a nomadic journey across the tundra.

Show Alexander McQueen

As was the case with Karl Lagerfeld, remembering the legacy of Alexander McQueen, it is difficult to choose the most spectacular fashion shows: almost every show designer became an event because of the innovative approach and ahead of his time ideas, to take at least a hologram or the use of robots for painting fabric. But the collection of the Scanners, the experts invariably include at the top of the most iconic show of the designer.

5.Yeezy Madison square garden

If a fashion show is held indoors, usually the choice falls on building libraries or museums, but Kanye West to show her third collection of Yeezy in 2016, chose the stadium.

However, this was not the only “breaking” fashion rules — any familiar fashion shows where models walk on the catwalk, too, was not. All models, and among them was Naomi Campbell and Alek wek were instructed to stand motionless on the stage.

Naomi Campbell

set design was inspired by the British photographer Paul’s Lowe, made in 1995 in a refugee camp in Rwanda.

Photo’s Lowe Sex

it was Soon clear why Kanye needed a stadium with a capacity of more than 20 thousand spectators: fashion presentation, he decided to combine with music and presented to the public and their new album. Tickets for the event were sold out in 10 minutes.

pride of place next to Kim Kardashian on the podium and took Anna Wintour — her appearance on the show, many considered it a kind of recognition of the West as a designer. Although the collection is gathered and a lot of negative reviews in the press.

Kim Karda��Ian and Anna Wintour Kanye West

6.Thom Browne — coffins for models

Although the showing of the Thom Browne fall-winter 2012-2013 season was held at the public library in new York, visitors might first think that was in the funeral home. The announcement before the show that the show will be models that are ready to die for fashion had been exaggerated.

In the center of the catwalk really was a row of coffins, inside of which were the models with pale faces and covered in metallic glitter lips.

the Audience had to stand up, as expected at the funeral ceremony: spectators were placed behind a rope barrier.

the Show critics recognized as one of the conceptual in the framework of the fashion Week in new York that year.

7.Maison Martin Margiela — Playground in Paris

Martin Marjela Influence on the fashion world too, it is difficult to overestimate — it shows and collections has always left a lasting impression, because it was contrary to adopted at the time the fashion rules. Ahead of its time, the designer has always offered something new and paradoxical. Was no exception and his third show took place in 1989.

Long before the fashion world was considered a special charm in the domestic non-glamorous aesthetic, Margiela decided to bring the fashion world to the world of ordinary people. After receiving the parents ‘ permission, he organized a screening on a normal Playground on the outskirts of Paris — the adults gave their consent on the condition that their children can be viewed.

the Presence of young viewers completely changed the format of the fashion show — inspirational and carefully organized event.

the Children could not sit still. They were fascinated by what is happening. We smiled at them as they passed by, they smiled at us in response. We were all laughing. And then at some point they joined, and walked together with models,

— remember, the model Cristina de koninck, who took part in the show.

the Girls before the show Margiela, by the way, was taught to get rid of the typical model of gait “from the hip” and asked them to move more naturally and freely.

the Sight touched everyone to the core. Here’s how then recalled the 17-minute show of RAF Simons, who was then an Intern at Walter van Beirendonck:

Nothing in fashion has made me more emotional impact than the third display Largely. It was so touching. In the final everybody was crying. Me too.

8.Louis Vuitton airport terminal

the Anticipation of a journey is sometimes more exciting the trip. Perhaps pso Nicolas ghesquière chose as the location to show its cruise collection 2020 airport terminal in new York. Stop the flights had the presentation took place in taken out of operation fifth terminal, also known as the TWA Flight Center.

like outstretched wings, or a futuristic space station, the terminal was designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962.

for a Long time he was a real symbol of new York and architectural landmark. But in 2001, the terminal was closed and for some time remained abandoned, until in 2016 it was decided to open a hotel there. The Louis Vuitton show was held on the eve of the official opening of the hotel.

By the way, Sam ghesquière, as he admitted, had to go there and as a passenger, when I first came to the United States. The show was spectacular, but how not to believe in bad omens: after the presentation of the cruise collection in non-functional terminal to fly even in cruise, even though somewhere in 2020 is really difficult.

9.Jacquemus — a field of lavender

But Simon Port Akmus foresaw the prospects of tourism in 2020 more accurately. The tenth anniversary of its brand, he said not in some distant land, and in his native Provence — runway staged in the middle of a lavender field near the commune of Valensole, paving a bright pink carpet.

the fashion Show spring-summer collection was clearly the most integralnym point in 2019, while many fashion critics recognized that it was one of the most beautiful and original fashion show that they saw.

the tradition of the designer continued. This year Akmus was one of the few who decided on a real show, and again held him in the open field, this time of wheat near Paris. Given the circumstances, in 2020, this location really seems to be the most optimal.

10.Saint Laurent — the foot of the Eiffel tower

the Shows of Saint Laurent always look luxurious, and the choice of locations Anthony Vaccarello suitable with imagination. For example, he could turn to the catwalk of the beach. But the presentation of the collection spring-summer 2019 will be remembered by all especially because it took place against the background of the symbol of the fashion capital, the Eiffel tower.

This was not the first time the Saint Laurent show was held at the foot of the main Paris attractions, but this time the scenery was more spectacular. The podium was covered with a thin layer of water that reflected the night lights of the city, and along it sparkled covered with garlands and palm trees.