Government new corona platform to assist the monitoring of the spread of coronasmitte in Denmark.

45.000 danes have in a day signed up for health authorities ‘ new digital platform Covidmeter.

this was stated by The minister of health, Magnus Heunicke (S) on Twitter.

Covidmeter was launched on Wednesday and has scored more than 45,000 subscribed in a day.

– many thanks! 45.000 danes have already signed up for the new COVIDmeter. How to. Thank you for helping our researchers at the Statens Serum Institut to follow the epidemikurven, writes Magnus Heunicke on Twitter.

Covidmeter to help authorities monitor the spread of the coronasmitte in the country. Registered citizens will receive once a week a series of questions about their health, which they can choose to answer.

the Questions is about whether you felt sick, if he has been tested for Covid-19 or have had contact to family, friends or acquaintances with Covid-19.

the Registration is done by means of NemID. The authorities emphasize that the information you disclose not be used in relation to the individual. Covidmeter, however, say anything about the overall development in Denmark.

– It will give the authorities an even better data to assess the prevalence of infection in the community and to support decisions on the gradual reopening of Denmark, said Magnus Heunicke Wednesday.

In the last week dropped the government plans to collect data on credit card transactions are including name and address.

It was supposed, that the Committee on Patient safety and the police could obtain information, which made it possible to identify personal information about the suspect.

But it was dropped after a lot of criticism.

Statens Serum Institut has in advance a platform, reminiscent of Covidmeter, by the name of Influmenter. It has for several years been used by citizens, who will report the symptoms of influenza.

however, It does not have sufficient capacity to be able to be used in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Therefore, one has found another solution, says the ministry.