In the U.S. state West Virginia more than 40 members of one family were infected by the coronavirus during the funeral. About this newspaper the New York Post.

Polly Williams (Polly Williams) said that the funeral of her cousin passed on 2 July. The ceremony came a cousin from Arizona, suffering from COVID-19. The woman warned family about your condition, so none of those present did not comply with precautions, including not wearing a medical mask.

“I noticed that cousin was not feeling well, but didn’t pay much attention to it, recalls Williams. — I assumed she was just tired from the flight and lack of sleep. She didn’t say a word, that might hurt something serious.”

it was Later revealed that a few days before arrival, the woman complained about his health and even went to doctors. Moreover, shortly before the ceremony, the husband and son of this family was identified a new coronavirus infection.

Soon one of the members of the families trapped under the same roof with the patient, contracted the coronavirus. The virus spread rapidly, and in just a month the family had more than 40 patients. Williams, who safely had COVID-19, claims that certain relatives with the coronavirus had to be hospitalized.

“I understand that the death of her loved one. I understand, stresses Williams. But she could at least wear a mask and gloves and ask us all to keep a distance, so as not to catch”.

All members of the Williams family was put on quarantine, and the Church which hosted the funeral service, disinfected.

Earlier it was reported that 28 members of one family from the U.S. state California was infected with coronavirus. Richard Garay became the first family member who got sick COVID-19. It is difficult to answer how he and the other members of his family have contracted the dangerous virus.