Now, the summer heat gradually receded, but the heat came in regions where the summer-that is cool. So, on the East of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district to 29 degrees. In the West of Yakutia – to + 15 degrees, an all-time high temperature for these Northern regions.

the Center of Russia almost passed the peak of the cold snap and on Sunday weather will improve, told to “the Russian newspaper” the head of the laboratory of hydrometeorological center of Russia Lyudmila Parshina. Monday, may 25, in Moscow to 18 degrees on Tuesday – to + 20. Until the end of may the temperature will range from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius. Intermittent rain is possible.

the last time a protracted cold in may, was 2017. Then the average monthly temperature was two degrees below normal, was a lot of rain. May 22 was 15 degrees. But 23 may is 21 degrees. But three years ago cold was the first days of may. In the current year until may 13 was a warm day. Therefore, on average, may in Moscow will be below normal more than a degree.

In 2017 and the first month of summer was cool – below normal by 2.2 degrees. The average June temperature was 14.4 degrees. Dropped out two monthly norms of precipitation. July was within normal with moderate rainfall. But August was warmer than normal and 2.4 degrees. Rain fell in the normal range.

“Leto broke out only in August. And September was warmer than usual. Precipitation in autumn was also a bit: only half of the monthly noma. At the end of September 2017 was 17-18 degrees,” recalled Parshin. The forecaster added that in nature, everything is very unpredictable. Doesn’t happen similar weather scenarios. According to preliminary forecast, the June in Moscow promises to be warm. Day the prevailing temperature can be plus of 20-25 degrees.