My experience of survival in the new economic realities in the region known entrepreneur shared during a live broadcast from the cycle “the Economy without virus”, which was launched for business on his page in Instagram the Corporation of development of the Orenburg region.

Answering the question of the General Director of the Corporation Ignat Petukhova what challenges have you faced during a pandemic and related limitations, catering, Alexei Marinin admitted that this industry was among the most affected.

– precautions taken by the authorities is clear: the restaurants and cafes are the places where mass people gather, – said the businessman. – This institution was closed in the first and how long the quarantine is still unknown. Now all of them are incurring huge losses. In order to be able to pay people a salary, I switched to shipping. In one Cinnabon organized cooking takeaway. Until now, these services was not very popular, but now people are rethinking their habits. Trying to build sales. For delivery use courier company that cooperates with us, these services are inexpensive. Aggregators expose restaurants is quite high interest. However, one of the famous services has substantially reduced fee to those who joined after March 15. However, those who worked with the aggregator before the discount does not apply – although it is, of course, absurd.

As already wrote “RG”, to support entrepreneurs in the period of the mode isolation in the region adopted a set of measures. In particular, it is essential to save you on the rental of municipal property: in the three months from March to may will be applied a reduction factor of 0.01. In addition, in the area of reduced property tax for landlords. Accordingly, those who rents space from other business, can get a discount from their landlord for this amount.

Alexei Marinin noted that the issue of rental of vacation for the duration of anti-epidemic measures is very important for owners of restaurants and cafes. At the same time, many owners of commercial property are forced to charge rent because zakreditovany. The expert urged the authorities to connect to the solution of this problem, organize the dialogue between entrepreneurs and bankers.

Assessing the prospects of development of the industry, the businessman has assured that the restaurant business will recover, but it will take time.

– Now very much all “rocked” and the recovery will be long. I worried for the fifth crisis and calm attitude to this. It is obvious to me that the first time will be a big outflow of visitors, and then they still come back, – said Alexey Marinin. – The crisis is a good time to move��to stop and to reconsider its attitude to business in General. I want the industry regrouped. In former years I often went to colleagues with an initiative to unite – not only to render each other all possible assistance, but to regulate the labor market in the field of catering. For anybody not a secret that most people involved in this sector are not employed officially. I think that when, after the quarantine we open up again, many will change their opinion.