On Sunday the death of three residents at the age of 80, 86 and 88 years, was discovered. The situation came to a head on Friday when the city reported eight deaths. Approximately 165 residents of the Hanns-Lilje-home were infected on Saturday, according to the health Department 72.

For a Church home, often with highly demented people, the situation is extremely difficult, said Lord mayor Klaus Mohrs. “We are only at the beginning of the development. This is for all of us a very, very hard time,” said the SPD politician on Saturday.

“sorry us immensely, and we try everything to protect the other people,” said Mohr. All residents were tested with a swab. In case of negative result of the Test will be repeated every three days. In the next few weeks, the Infected and the negative-Tested to live on different floors. dpa, A coffin stands in the courtyard of the Hanns-Lilje-home for the aged

In a nursing home in hall the Situation is strained as well. There are 13 residents have been tested positive for the novel Coronavirus, a resident died on Sunday. The residents had no symptoms and had been tested, because on Saturday in the case of a Nurse, the Virus detected had been informed mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) on Sunday.

In the diaconal institution are currently houses 152 residents. The part of the Building with a total of 55 inhabitants, in which the infected Nurse was in use, had been placed under quarantine. The personnel working with protective equipment.

The city hall was informed, out of respect to the members first of all, no Details about the deceased. Mayor Wiegand stressed that the residents have in writing that he does not want to be treated in a hospital.

the residents had no symptoms

Also shown in a smaller care facility with 24 residents, it was found according to Wiegand in the case of a Nurse, the novel Coronavirus. All residents would now be investigated. A quarantine was also there.

In the hall there are, according to the city currently 153 Corona-Infected. Three were ventilated in the clinics. The medical protection equipment in accordance with the current Stand still for nine days, said Wiegand. The city had made extensive orders.

mayor Wiegand appealed to all to observe carefully the safety distance of at least 1.5 metres in the other. “Stay home, go out, if you have a valid reason.” Occupational health doctor Christine Gröger said, now the most Vulnerable need to be protected, the Old,. Of the 13 positively tested home residents have shown no symptoms, show how a home is tricky, the Situation. The would now have to take everyone seriously.

Gröger said, in the city hall, around 3300 people in nursing homes are housed. To test all of them, would blow up the laboratory capacity. The nursing staff in the facilities must be informed about the personal health condition. “If there is the slightest doubt that the Person is healthy, you can not start your nursing service. This is a protection measure that we have initiated in the meantime.”

nationwide, the Coronavirus has occurred already in a number of facilities for the elderly and for deaths. In a wolf Burger nursing home are infected more than 70 of about 165 residents. Within a few days twelve people have died there. In Würzburg, nine residents of a nursing home had died after infection with the new Coronavirus.

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