In the summer of 2017 moved Corentin Tolisso for 41.5 million euros, as the then world-record transfer to Bayern. Never been in Munich have paid more for a new arrival!

His market value was in October 2017, according to the “” at 35 million euros. Due to a strong first season with the record Champions (ten goals and seven templates in a total of 40 games) and the world champion title in 2018, as he recorded in mid-July, his career-highest value, with a market value of 45 million euros.

But since then, it’s value to the French downhill, with the last market Update in March, it reached 32 million Euro to its lowest value in the time in Munich.

Tolisso’s not coming in this season to train

last November, the Frenchman confirmed that with him because of his serious cruciate ligament injury in September 2018 “doubts exist” – although he had recovered physically a long time of the injury. “I ask myself many things: Is my knee back to how it was? I’ll be back as good as before the injury?”, the 25-Year-old said to the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

In the current season, the Frenchman in Munich is on the outside: In the Bundesliga he comes only seven of the starting eleven bets, six Times he came on as a substitute in addition. In the back round Tolisso was against newly promoted Paderborn from the beginning ran. In his 13 League matches of the French national team player scored a goal and setting up two more.

Corentin Tolisso is after his ACL tear from the previous season still in search of his Form. Photo: Rauchensteiner/eye click, Corentin Tolisso, FC Bayern Munich, competition in midfield is too big,

Bayern Coach Hansi Flick relies on the Tolisso positions to other players. In defensive midfield, no Over to the Duo of Joshua Kimmich and Thiago currently. Flick is no longer a plant Kimmich, with a few exceptions, as a right defender. For the coach of the German national player is ideal for the defensive role in front of the defense.

“For the Central defensive midfield, he still has more potential since he’s still focused, he can read the game well and has the Ball and the Ball good options,” the coach said of the record champion and last updated on Kimmich. A frequent image in the last time FC Bayern: Corentin Tolisso (left) on the bench. Photo: imago/MIS Abendzeitung München

Be a man-Spain’s magician, Thiago, blossoms in the back round, literally. The 28-Year-old, who had to settle for initially, Flicks, directed with the Bank, and one of Bavaria’s winner in the second half of the season. The Spaniard is working more to the back and gives the midfield of Bayern, therefore, more stability in the Defensive.

In the attacking midfield, the reinvigorated Thomas Müller is considered to be set. 22 Scorer points in the League under the strong Form of the 30 stress-Year-old. Also Leon Goretzka, the need to develop its operating times are hard, delivers when he is needed.

Pulling it Tolisso to Italy?

For the world champion Tolisso remains in Bavaria überbesetztem midfield thus only little space. The Frenchman should apply in the case of Munich as a potential sale candidate. A possible buyer for the midfielder could already be in place. According to the Italian “Gazzetta dello Sport” shows Inter Milan’s interest in the midfielder. Accordingly, Tolisso was one of the players from Inter coach Antonio Conte.

the 25-Year-old can Shine when a Trainer believes in his abilities, the world champion in the French national team is proof of this. In the “Équipe Tricolore” is one Tolisso under Didier Deschamps, the ennobled him recently as “the complete midfielder”, to the permanent staff, and convinced with good performances.

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