The new Philharmonic hall, which opened in 2015 in Paris-La Villette, is among the most visible works of modern architecture in France. But the building eventually quarreled its creators. Five years later, the author of the project of Jean Nouvel and the customer, the management of the Philharmonic, exchanged lawsuits for hundreds of millions of euros. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.As in any conflict, each side has its own version of the story. The leadership of the Philharmonie de Paris is confident that the workshop of Jean Nouvel AJN tightened with the working drawings and incorrect estimates made. The total cost of construction was much higher than expected: €386 million is allocated in 2006, €173 million According to the architect, the late and waste primarily to blame the customer, navasari in the process of implementation of the project, a review of many decisions. Mr. Nouvel is convinced that its partners have commissioned the construction the contractors, constantly interfered with construction and did not monitor the quality and financial flows.The architect pleaded with the leadership of the Philharmonic society, demanding full copyright control and quality completion of construction. He lost a lawsuit, cursed ungrateful and defiantly refused to appear at the opening ceremony held on 14 January 2015, which was attended by the then President, Francois Hollande. The concert, which sounded, in particular, “Requiem” by Gabriel fauré, listened to without him.Photo: Charles Platiau / ReutersПроект Philharmonic workshop of Jean Nouvel won the competition, winning in 2007, the same big-name rivals: the British Zakho Hadid, Austrian Coop Himmelb(l)au, Dutch MVRDV and fellow French by Christian de portzamparc and Francis Soler. Jean Nouvel has proposed building a sculpture, reminiscent of black rock, putting it at the intersection of prospect Park of La Villette and the Boulevard péripherique, the circular highway of Paris. Urban is a great success. But when the scale of the city you go to scale the building, you will be amazed at how many hand made items, with some nasty as decided by the adjunction of aluminum panels to the stylobate or how bad and rough surrounding the building of the terraces. Built five years ago, the building still suffers from deficiencies, there is still much reminiscent of the Abraham prior to the opening. Great idea diskreditiert error of the incarnation, because the new computer architecture requires new, almost cosmic construction technology. No wonder neighboring the music Center was built in 1995 Christian de Portzamparc looks next to the black nobelevskii the iceberg from the past.Jean Nouvel a great reputation: during work on the project of the Philharmonic society in 2008, he ��obtain architectural “Nobel prize”, the Pritzker prize. From his workshop there is no shortage of orders, among recent works, which were truly world famous Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the national Museum in Qatar. But the story of the Paris Philharmonic is very painful for him. Not only that, it harms the reputation of the architect, the lawsuit threatens his life. From AJN Philharmonic requires the court as penalties for delay and reimbursement of incidental expenses of €170 million — “crazy” and “unfair” amount, according to the Nouvel.The architect says that in the process, and so substantial concessions, by simplifying your project to meet deadlines of construction. He is sure that the customer lost their own appetites, demanding more luxury building in the part not corresponding to the expectations of the budget, and did not heed the warnings of the architect. Nouvel does not hesitate to talk about “sabotage”. He believes that “Philharmonic got what she wanted: an exceptional musical complex with convertible room for 2,400 people, is considered one of the best in the world, rehearsal rooms, classrooms… But they don’t want to admit the real value of this project and entrusted me with the responsibility for their own mistakes.” The leadership of the Philharmonic did not contest the merits of the architect, but not ready to withdraw the claim. Defensively, the attorneys of Jean Nouvel filed a counterclaim, the amount of which is estimated at €105 million At the end of quarantine, the parties will meet in court. It’s a long process, but it threatens to ruin one of the best architectural studios in the world.