Online platforms appeared “Dark legacy” Vaughn Stein — another film, rolling destiny which has changed the pandemic coronavirus. Instead of the planned premiere at the festival “Tribeca” picture came out right in digital distribution — and, perhaps, to get lost among the many proposals of streaming services going for this soggy Thriller the best option, says Julia Siegelman.”Dark legacy” (original the film is called “Inheritance”, that is just “Heritage”) is the second full-length work Won Schooling. The first was a heavily stylized, chaotic and stupid neonoir “Terminal”, cleverly renamed the Russian distributors of “the Ultimate” in “Washed-up”, where the strong woman played by Margot Robbie dealt with severely offended her when something bad men. The new film from the Director refused from formal games, putting quite a traditional Thriller with the inevitable final twist, but lucky for this experience too will not name.In the center of the narrative here again is a strong woman of the Manhattan district attorney Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins), which the viewer can imagine how strongly, on the one hand, hard professional, and on the other, a staunch fighter for justice, is challenging in court the rich and privileged. And she belongs to the last: dad Archer Monroe (Patrick Warburton) is a banker, mother Katherine (Connie Nielsen) — well-groomed housewife in pearls, the younger brother of William (Chace Crawford) for the second time running for Congress. In the beginning of the film aforesaid the Pope suddenly dies of a heart attack, and at the will reading it turns out that the widow he left fifty million dollars, son — twenty, but his daughter, against his will chose the path of public defender and in addition married the wrong guy (Marche Richardson II), only some pity million.However, Lauren does not have time to be offended and angry as his father’s attorney, Harold (Michael beach) tells her that in fact, Archer loved her, very proud of her and therefore left her something else, namely about the terrible family secret, “which must remain buried.” Following the posthumous guidance of his father, the heroine discovers on a family estate’s underground bunker, and in it sitting on the chain shaggy gray-haired man named Morgan (Simon Pegg in a terrible wig), which, according to him, Archer planted here thirty years ago. Now that the jailer had died, the prisoner wants out, but Lauren, even though the Minister of law and order, agrees to let him go not before he tells his story. Morgan willingly tells her, simultaneously revealing the secrets of the past and present of the family Monroe, which, according to the plan of Stein and writer-debut MaeTTU Kennedy should probably be shocking, but are just ridiculous. Take, for example, the discovery that all these thirty years Archer Monroe had secretly visited his mistress, whom affectionately called “Gypsy rose”. Lauren this, however, produces the impression that she forgets about his own duties as a wife and mother, and about an important matter which is in court.Of course, the Thriller is not quite the genre that requires exceptional realism. But it would be good characters to be the most likely to cause if not the sympathy, the interest in their deeds and stories to have at least its internal logic. Or, alternatively, a picture could save a shred of black humor that would make the absurdity of the characters and situations are not accidental, but deliberate, moving the “Dark legacy” in the category of high-octane ballardini, perfect is its complete detachment from life. However, there is neither the one nor the other, nor the third. Of course, Lily Collins is not guilty, that at 30 years old look 14 and in a suit does not look like a harsh Prosecutor, and the girl in front of the mirror trying on mom’s dresses and high heel shoes— this should have thought the Director and casting. However, it’s worth it to appear in the frame, as the whole structure of the film falls apart. Simon Pegg is a bit more convincing in her role (wig certainly helps), but until then, until the plot happens next “unexpected”, but in fact is predictable almost from the first appearance of Morgan’s “what a twist”.A recurring refrain through the whole picture is the recipe for key lime pie that Morgan learned by heart, in order not to go crazy in captivity. Very “Dark legacy” also seems prepared such a memorized recipe, which is mixed all the clichés and clichés from movies about family skeletons in the closet, but some important ingredient is still not enough. Whether irony, or causality, or — horrible to say — sense.