experienced, at least since the Corona-crisis video chats are in demand as never before – and especially Zoom , the Software in the United States, a Boom. Whether in the home office, with clients, friends or family Anywhere the practical and easy-to-use Tool that enables video calling in HD to use. Here, you will learn everything you need to know on the topic.


– Download Zoom: He is free in the basic version, this variant can be located up to 100 participants in a Call that takes a maximum of 40 minutes. In the paid versions (starting from 13,99 EUR/month) drop restrictions on the duration of Video calls and the number of participants and for and the Software will be expanded to be useful, small Features. Who is invited via a Link to a Zoom Meeting, you can participate on Chrome and Firefox, the program can, however, also about www.zoom.us download. There are Apps for both iOS and for Android. (Read here: The best technology Gadgets)

Virtual backgrounds: Who wants to beautify his Zoom Meeting something, or colleagues prefer not to his apartment to present wants, can create for Zoom a virtual Background. To do this, click on “settings” and then on “Virtual Background”. You can then select a picture of your choice as the Background and upload.

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Other features: When the Zoom is also integrated a Text-Chat function, in addition, files can be share. Individual participants can also share their screen to other participants of the Call free. Also> Meetings can , which are then stored automatically.

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criticism of the privacy policy: Entirely uncontroversial Zoom is not. So it was in the past few days, known that the service> user data some

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