A young woman is racking her brains over her dating partner’s messages. A discussion has arisen online: Is he not interested in Elizabeth or is it because of the age difference?

Dating can be quite complicated. Especially when you don’t know where you stand with the other person. Elizabeth is also puzzled after meeting a 35-year-old for the first time and asks on TikTok: “Is he a bad copywriter or just 35?” 

More than 600,000 people have now clicked on the video – and commented on it numerous times. 

After a first date, her dating partner sends her a text message. “Hey, I had fun last night. Have a nice day,” it reads. No emoji, no counter question. Elizabeth concludes, “I need to start dating people my own age.” 

Because the 35-year-old’s “millennial text style” made it impossible for her to tell whether he wanted to see her again. The 27-year-old herself “really, really wants to go on a second date.” 

Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be alone with her problem. In the comments, many users report similar experiences with text messages from men. One user writes: “Text messages from older guys are my highlight.” Another, however, is certain: “Wait a minute, I think we’re dealing with the same guy.” 

One person, however, sees nothing unusual in the message and asks: “I’m confused, why is this bad?” Another user then explains that the problem with the 35-year-old’s message is that he is writing too matter-of-factly. “It lacks any sense of enthusiasm, urgency or intimacy. He could have written this to someone at work about a work matter,” she explained.

Millennials’ use of language doesn’t just cause confusion on dates. Online, Generation Z makes fun of millennials’ use of language. Terms like “Vibe”, “Slay” or even “Yolo” have long since become obsolete for the younger generation. 

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