Exciting Announcement at Cannes Lions Festival

The Cannes Lions Festival has recently announced the judges for the new Luxury & Lifestyle Lions category, which aims to set a global benchmark for luxury brands. Among the distinguished panel of judges is Diana Maranhão, the director of communication and image at Rolex.

Leading the jury is Charles Georges-Picot, the CEO of the Global Luxury Practice at Publicis Groupe. The diverse jury, consisting of fashion designers, business leaders, brands, creatives, photographers, and editors, will be selecting the winning works across various disciplines. Additionally, experts in brand content, technology, media, and experience will also be contributing their expertise to establish the standard for brand communications in this captivating sector.

This exciting development at the Cannes Lions Festival is set to showcase the best of luxury and lifestyle brands on a global stage. Get ready to witness the creativity and innovation that will shape the future of brand communications in the luxury industry.

Diana Maranhão is a prominent figure in the luxury industry, known for her expertise in communication and image management. As the director of communication and image at Rolex, she has played a crucial role in shaping the brand’s reputation and presence in the market. With a keen eye for design and a passion for storytelling, Diana has successfully led various brand communication initiatives that have set new standards in the luxury sector. Her innovative approach and strategic vision have earned her recognition as a leader in the field, making her a valuable addition to the jury at the Cannes Lions Festival.