A couple decide to give their three-month-old daughter up for adoption because she does not fit into their lifestyle. The two are workaholics.

A couple is making international waves with their difficult decision. They are giving their three-month-old daughter up for adoption. The child’s father told the Sun that his wife had shown little interest in the child since its birth and had gone back to work just two weeks after the birth.

Both spouses were “workaholics,” said the father, and his mother-in-law, who lived with the family, took care of her daughter most of the time.

On Reddit, the father further reported that his wife only interacts with the daughter when she needs something and never stops when she cries. In another post, he shared the couple’s decision to give Elizabeth up for adoption as they were too busy to care for her due to their work.

When asked by a Reddit user why he chose his wife over his daughter, the man replied: “I can remember life without my daughter. I find it hard to imagine life without my wife. I love my daughter, don’t get me wrong, and it wouldn’t be easy to give her up for adoption. But if we keep her, it could make my wife unhappy – actually make her unhappy. What I ultimately want is the best for Catherine and Elizabeth, and I truly believe this could be the best solution for everyone.”

According to The Sun, many Reddit users expressed their shock at the couple’s decision in comments. One user said the father did not seem to have an emotional connection. He treated his daughter’s renunciation as a transaction between two parties.

The discussion on Reddit reveals that the man’s mother-in-law is now raising little Elizabeth. However, there are legal disputes because the couple has been accused of neglecting the child. There is even a threat of a lawsuit.

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