The ex-the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgal prior to his detention had intended to fly to Moscow with a letter of resignation at own will. This was stated on Wednesday by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

"the Governor was already going on Tuesday to come to Moscow, to write the application at own will," he said.

"He was already flying to Moscow, flew to me, I asked him to. On their own," – continued Zhirinovsky.

July 9, Furgal was detained in Khabarovsk and transferred to Moscow. During the six hours of questioning, he was charged with. The guilt he did not recognize. Basmanny court arrested him until September 9. As reported by the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko, Furgal involved in the killings and the attempted murder of entrepreneurs, committed by an organized criminal group in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. To it testified the accused in the killings, in fact, also there are witnesses and victims. In November 2019, was arrested four suspected accomplices of the Governor – a former Deputy of the Khabarovsk regional Duma, Director of "Dalprimdar" and a former business partner Furgala Nicholas Mistryukov, inspector of security service of the airport Mendeleevo in Yuzhno-Kurilsk Marat Kadyrov, unemployed Andrew Karpov and CEO of "Al" Andrew Paley.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a decree on the resignation of Sergey Furgala as head of the Khabarovsk territory in connection with loss of trust. Temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the region assigned to another member of the LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev, Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs. On Tuesday, he resigned from his Deputy duties.