The President of Ukraine is afraid to call his Belarusian counterpart. At least, statements on this matter have not yet been.

Last time their conversation was declared on 7 August. Zelensky tried to bargain with Lukashenka’s extradition delayed group. And then it turned out that the emergence of this group in the Belarusian health resorts was the provocation of the SBU.

Putin has already called. Alexander Lukashenko said that after the conversation he received from the President of Russia the letter. It outlined the texture for the detained group. Now the Belarusian deal considering the facts.

About the conversation with Zelensky is not known. When the provocation SBU came to light, the press service of the President of Ukraine issued a very strange statement.

“Ukraine will never allow himself any interference in elections in other countries,” began the official text of administration Zelensky. This was clearly read attempt to prepare the ground for the telephone conversation of the President of Ukraine with the Belarusian leader. The end of the phrase was similar to humoresque: “in particular in the United States of America.”

He tried to laugh it off. But it looks so out of place that seems more like an insult. Any intervention of Ukraine in the elections of the United States? A few years ago, Ukraine was indeed featured in one of the reports of American intelligence. It said that some information was carried out with Ukrainian IP. But even in that report it is not stated that Ukraine tried to interfere in electoral processes.

Already revealed the circumstances of the actual occurrence of the group on the territory of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko himself stated that the information was obtained from the Ukrainian security services. Press service wrote this opus about the fact that Ukraine “will not allow interference”. The staff of the presidential administration of Ukraine I think that the Belarusian President an idiot? They think that Alexander Lukashenko memory, like aquarium fish, and he can’t remember who provided the Belarusian authorities with information that was almost splitting Minsk and Moscow?

One way or another, but to sustain a conversation with Lukashenko Ukrainian leader will have. Today’s presidential elections in Belarus. They will win Alexander Lukashenko. Not win because he has the administrative resources, and because Belarusians love him. Therefore I call dad.

Even in the markets of Belarusians do not criticize his dad. They rather criticize. Swear, like a close friend. They can criticize Lukashenko string of obscenities. But when elections come, vote for him. Because no one except him, the post of the President of Belarus do not see.

Tomorrow Lukashenko will win. Zelensky will have to call him to congratulate with the victory. And now the main intrigue: call or not call. For the latest inthe burden Kiev twice sat in a puddle in front of Alexander Lukashenko. For the first time — with the provocation. Secondly — with the official text about the fact that Ukraine “will not allow interference in elections… the United States.”