The President of the Association IPChain Andrei Krichevsky and President of the Federation of intellectual property Sergey Matveev met with the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II the Cathedral of Echmiadzin city, located 23 kilometers from Yerevan. According to Garegin II, this Cathedral is the soul of Armenia.

Andrey Krichevsky and Sergey Matveev spoke with Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians on the possibilities of changing the trajectory of development of the economy, the transition from the resource model to the economy of human capital, implying the preservation of the national heritage of culture, coupled with the use of the knowledge and talents of people.

“during a conversation with Karekin II was marked by the integrity and unity of the Armenian people, as well as the key role of the Church, which plays for him the role, in whatever part of the world neither were people. During the conversation we came to a common view that the main quality of a person, created in the image and likeness of God, was and remains the ability to create. From whatever side we look at a human trait, spiritual or economic – the creative beginning is a common goal of the economic system of any country, which should give people the ability to build and develop. Therefore, it is important for us that His Holiness shares and intends to promote projects aimed at the development of human capital and technological protection for the results created thanks to the talent and efforts of creative people. First of all it solutions, developing at blockchain infrastructure IPChain”, said Sergey Matveev. He also said that Garegin II approved start projects in which new technologies are used for the solution of these important tasks. Such projects and technologies important for Armenia, whose people carrier diverse cultural and scientific traditions that have deep historical roots. In this sense, technologies are an important and good purpose.

As reported by Andrew Krichevsky, participated in the meeting Eminence, father, Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamian, the head of the spiritual mission in the army. At the meeting he arrived from the combat zone – areas where new technologies and achievements of human work of destruction. Therefore, in conversation, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians drew attention to the fact that the results of human intellectual activity, especially science, can be used for the benefit and to the detriment of society. Modern technologies must be established and used in accordance with the spiritual and ethical principles.

“Garegin II blessed the projects aimed at developmente creative industries and human capital that we are now together with their Armenian colleagues and appreciated the fact that they work to benefit and protect the individual Creator, and expressed confidence that the state authorities of Armenia will contribute to the joint work of Russian and Armenian experts”, – said Andrey Krichevsky, referring to the results of the meeting.

Association IPChain established by the SKOLKOVO Foundation, the Russian intellectual property organization (WIPO), national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics”, Russian Union of rights holders (RBC), St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, Russian author’s society (RAO), a Partnership for the protection and management of rights in the sphere of art (UPRAVA), Bank – “New age” in 2017.

the Main goal of the Association is the formation of standards, technologies and tools of interaction of participants of the market of intellectual rights in the digital environment.

the Association also is responsible for the stability of functioning and development of the decentralized network of blocks of transactions with the rights and intellectual property – distributed registry IPChain, which was created in the framework of the national programme “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”. The network provides unmatched guarantees and significantly reduces the risks in transactions with the sites due to the openness of information about the disputes and conflicts – how resolved and in the process of settlement.

IPChain brings together the largest organizations, accumulating, and producing intellectual property. Among them – the producers Association of cinema and television, the Russian space Agency, Rospatent, the Association of specialists in product design, “SITRONICS”, RIS’n, “Litres”, “Soyuzmultfilm”, “Russian venture company”, the Fund for the promotion of innovation, and others.

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