French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday congratulated Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain on her jubilee, noting her contribution to strengthening Franco-British relations and the development of Europe.

“In the year of the 70th anniversary of your stay on the throne in France, they welcome your achievements and thank you for your courage,” Macron said in a video message posted on his Twitter page. – We share the respect and love that the British and residents of the Commonwealth countries feel for you".

The French president called the Queen “a friend and closest ally". He noted Elizabeth II’s commitment to strengthening Franco-British relations. Macron recalled that during the Queen’s first official visit to France, she was received by a generation of Frenchmen who “fought shoulder to shoulder with the British for the freedom of Europe.”

Earlier, Macron personally chose the best horse from the stable of the Republican Guard of France as a gift to Elizabeth II. Elizabeth has been a fan of equestrian sports from a young age, keeps her own horses and does not miss races. Six years ago, one of the monarch’s horses won the race, as a result of which the queen received a voucher worth £50 for a trip to the supermarket.

Celebrations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s stay on the throne, as well as the 96th anniversary of the monarch celebrated this year, began on June 2. The culmination of the festive events will be a parade scheduled for June 5 with the participation of 10 thousand people, among whom celebrities are expected. The procession will begin with the bells of Westminster Abbey ringing, from where its participants will proceed to Buckingham Palace.