“those who want to speculate about the flexibility of U.S. nuclear capabilities […] must understand that, according to Russian military doctrine, such actions will be considered grounds for retaliatory use of nuclear weapons by Russia”, – quotes the words of a diplomat RIA Novosti.

So she commented on was published on 24 April on the website of the US state Department material on the establishment of U.S. nuclear warheads of low power W76-2 and equipping them part of ballistic missile submarines Trident 2.

“the need for the development and deployment of nuclear weapons of low power is served as the U.S. reaction to “the growing global threats”, in the first place, “the expansion of nuclear potential of Russia and China” – recounted the essence of the text Zakharov.

She recalled that Moscow believes such steps are dangerous and destabilizing. According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, therefore, Washington deliberately blurs the line between non-strategic and strategic nuclear weapons. And this, in turn, inevitably leads to a lowering of the nuclear threshold and increase the danger of nuclear conflict.

“this view is expressed among authoritative representatives of the American academic community, in fact, even the U.S. Congress,” said the diplomat.