Yuval Harari believes that particularly suffer from the automation of the third world countries.

In an interview with RBC Israeli historian Yuval Harari has made predictions about the future automation of labor. According to him, developed countries such as the US and Germany, the process is basically win — automation will create new industries with many new jobs.

But a third world country whose economy is built on cheap labour, will not be able to avoid an economic collapse: they have no money to retrain millions find themselves without a job citizens.

“more likely from the automation of labor will hurt the developing countries — their economies are often based on the fact that they have cheap labor who are employed, for example, in the textile industry,” he said.

the Board, however, will be and many people in Western countries — a 40-year-old Walmart cashier, whose work has become unnecessary, the mass will not be able to retrain for drone operators or other specialists. This will lead to the separation of all members of society to those whose work is in demand, and those who will not be able to find any work.

So that people are not left without means of livelihood, Harari offers several solutions, among which the unconditional basic income and free services that will provide unemployed state. It is necessary to raise taxes on corporations that will benefit from the automation of labor, reminds the historian.