For Yuri Stoyanov’s withdrawal does not mean vacation and dive into the homework problems. While shooting the TV show “100янов” channel “Russia 1”, the first major project for Yury Nikolaevicha after “the Town”, is paused, the actor himself has found himself an excellent alternative in the form of a web series “Stoyanov in isolation.” Old television annealing allows Stoyanov to work in any situation and entertain their fans from the comfort of home. “MK” contacted Yuri Nikolaevich and discussed the humor in the conditions of quarantine, professional pampering and the voice of all the wives of Russia.

— “Stoyanov in isolation” — this is my expression in extreme circumstances, a way to keep yourself and professionally, and mentally. And the ability to speak the language in which people communicate during isolation, — says Yuri Nikolaevich. — Generally, the format I came up with, very close to “Town” by its atmosphere of simplicity of installation and the feeling of accomplishment at the knees.

— How is it done technically? This really is removed from your home?

— I Have a cottage with an area of about two hundred square meters. There is a plot of fourteen acres and there is a certain number of shooting locations. Room, basement, attic, detached workshop, gazebo, barbecue, and twenty Apple trees, twelve plums, a no lawn and so on. In the attic I found twelve of wigs left over from “the Town”. In perfect condition. And this is the simple makeup that I use. I have a stabilizing grip for your phone, this domestic stadium. And I brought two of the light device: a single filling, second drawing. But the first scenes I shot with the help of floor lamps, table lamps and leaf wax paper for baking in the oven, which can be used as a light filter. The operator is my wife, she’s the constant voice-overs. Be the voice of all the wives of Russia to self-isolation.

Your irony on a new way of life very easy and good-natured. And that with us happens, indeed there are lots of reasons to smile. However, we regularly witness and dramas, and tragedies. Probably not easy in this situation to do with humor?

— Every time I think about doctors who remove their masks after a twelve-hour shift and cream scars on the face, I wonder does it not seem to them blasphemy? So when I take off my stories, I want the doctors smiled. I don’t pick on sick people, it is taboo for me. I shoot about fortunately, the majority of which is now in isolation. There is always the question of where a growing sense of humor. If it grows from the anus, this is one humor. But if it comes from the heart, from your understanding that��about what is happening in the country, it turns out completely different story. Yes, it is a strong word. Sorry. I live in the country, around the twenty-four sites, and these words are heard from behind the fence. So I’m socially close to their neighbors.

There is a suspicion that your optimism in this situation is largely due to the fact that you grew up in a family of doctor…

— the Fact that I grew up in a family of a doctor, which largely explains my adoration of this profession. Chekhov first said: “the medical Profession — a feat”. It’s not a common phrase, that Anton formulated. And my attitude to the medical profession, it is Chekhov.

— Many now wonder what will happen next? You have your own version of events?

— Now on the Internet with millions of views walk the old editions of “the Town” is ostensibly about us, prabhadevi pandemic. In these editions there are masks, and the flu epidemic. And if this happened fifteen years ago, and all is forgotten, then there is great hope that everything was not so scary. So, forget my stories about isolation. Will remain of them only really funny, which is not tied to the immediate situation. So all will be well. I will say a terrible thing. What for many sounded like thunder from a clear sky, I mean the extension of Moscow’s self-imposed isolation until the end of may, I have caused a very different reaction. I thought “Class, I’ll take at least another twenty subjects.” And if I had may 13 to go to the shooting scenario would have been text in the spirit of: “Kol, can I have your meatball will eat up?”, or: “Let me kiss you three times on-Russki!”, or: “Hell, no glasses, I’m out of your drink?” — how would I in this shot? But Sobyanin has solved this problem.

I still hope that soon you will return to complete filming of your show “100янов”. You are the engine of this project or did someone help?

— I’m one of those who are without engines from the outside is very poorly managed. This engine in “the Town” was always Ilya. Smart, punchy, shopping, able to build bridges. When he was gone, I starred in many movies and do other things. But the idea of such a program has always lived in me. I didn’t call anyone, it’s not my way to knock on the rooms, but there was a great young producers, who came to me with a huge, barely-run company which fits on the Desk of the Talmud, where, as a children’s book, was painted all the scenery. I needed all this to people, and my thoughts coincided with the desires of the producers. All in all, lucky. About us the world is also often said, “They’re just lucky.” But “lucky” needs to be decoded. Yes, we were lucky in one thing — to meet each other. And was lucky to not sleep for days, to spend four and a half years on the montages. The first three years not sarabatyvat almost nothing. Don’t go to concerts, not to monetize, promotion on television the collection of tribute from a great country. It was nothing like that. In some situations we could buy a box of vodka, but buying tapes for the camera, or ordered a wig that was very expensive. Now make the wig master is sixty thousand rubles — and it is an acquaintance, if you’re lucky. And we managed to become perhaps the first people who could be called artists television. Then the term did not know this. So I was lucky that there were producers, but they came to me, and I was by their arrival ready.

the TV execs — a little unpredictable people. Only that they all liked, and suddenly require a radial change, because everything bad. You have to melanacantha managed to quarrel?

— we don’t Have a full understanding. Another thing is that there are General trends in television. For example, Charlie Chaplin. In the twenties of the ordinary workers saving up their pennies to go to a movie with Chaplin. It was a mass art, one hundred percent mainstream. And now Charlie Chaplin is the format of the channel “Culture”. I am in no way going to compare myself to my favorite actor and Director but even with the program “Town” comes approximately the same as with the films of Chaplin. TV teaches the audience to a certain level of humor, and as a result you can’t be with the program at that broadcast time, in which would like. Because at this time will show, if to speak tactfully, humor on a different level. First we have to accustom to this level, then state, and horrified, and then realize it will take fifteen years to change that. That’s the problem. Although I think your program is absolutely popular, not require from the audience any special training.

At the same time, the preparation of your program obviously requires training. With you in the frame very well known and busy actors and Actresses — from Julia Aug to Michael Ephraim. How did you manage to assemble such a team?

— Casting the easiest thing in this project. No persuasion, the difficulties of bargaining, with the exception of two people and not in the program. Some refused for a pretty simple reason. “I do not know how. I don’t see myself in this format. For me it’s very difficult,” — said to me very famous actors. And it is a worthy and understandable to me explanation. But questions like: “If the program is called “100янов”, does this mean that I’m the side dish?” — very stupid. Need to know me and my attitude to the partner as a lifeline. I’m not one of those who prances in the background of the partner as interested in a strong artists. The better the partner the better I play. In General such projects are quite heavy and not very pthe DNA for the artist story. You need to give all day to shoot four episodes, which are then shown in four programs. But the money the artist receives for a day’s shooting, although will play during this time four different characters. While in the series he plays one person and spreads it to sixteen episodes. But there is still very creatively generous artists who are hungry for professional pampering.

— it may seem that it would be easier to find a loyal partner…

— Immediately stop you right there… When there was Elijah, when he left my dear partner and companion, a person who changed my whole life, I knew what to replace it completely impossible. And this is not due to my insistence to the partner, and with a deep understanding that in my case a couple can be only one — Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov. And so will it remain in my memory and in the memory of others. Other options were not, and never will be.

the Sketches of “the Town” continues to have great success on the Internet, despite the fact that the approach to humor has changed a lot. For you this persistence project was a surprise or you knew that a small Town could something like this happen?

— Answer arrogantly: understood. And rather than from the point of view of the experiences of ordinary people, we got in that day, when filming the episode, rather than reflect, the clearer I realized that it will be useful for a long time.

— You can boast that you know modern youth a sense of humor?

— it Depends on what humor is. On the Internet resources dedicated to humor, I’m confused by Frank Mat and vulgarity. But not by very talented people such as Gorbachev Irina or Anton Lapenko. In General, the Internet is like a shovel: you can dig up the garden, and can kill a person. Here, Irina, Anton, and many others dug up the garden. I have questions to sandperl. Especially when standup there is a narcissism and a feeling like before the artist not the audience, and the mirror. That’s me, breaks off, and the modern humor I encouraged.

You easily laugh?

— Quite easily. Very much of what goes on the Internet, makes me laugh. I recently got the video, which lasts just ten seconds. Its essence is that someone with ladle pours soup from pan to plate. One ladle, two, three. In parallel, the text that the withdrawal shall be extended until the end of may. And the same ladle from the plate returns the part of the soup back into the pot. In my opinion, is the most ingenious that I have seen online lately. Ten seconds, plate, ladle, casserole — and this is reflected time.

— not all of your colleagues, at the time received classical acting training, refer to the body��idenau and the Internet with the same enthusiasm as you. Many still perceive these industries as an opportunity for third party income and nothing more…

— Now it is not so, because throughout the film world goes into a powerful series. And those actors who ten years ago said that the series is not subtracted, is now fighting for them to have. Speaking about the performances, after the pandemic, the relationship of the theatre with the audience, in my opinion, will be restored for a very long time. Well, do not go people fall in the theatre. Remember that you usually hear in the audience… Cough. It has always been. I always thought that people instead of going to the therapist went to the theater. But if someone sakarlal now, then it will be a different reaction. The movie theaters are empty. And TV once again save the cinema, theatre. So it was in the nineties, when movies were killed in Russia, and a huge number of filmmakers, including such giants as Pichul and Ursulyak, went to the TV. Now will be the same. TV and Internet will just allow you to survive the artists and Directors.