for Many years, was the cool, young-timer, the ideal opportunity to sniff as a newcomer to the automotive and Classical music. The simple way to move an affordable car of yesterday, which in a few years to a real Oldtimer, did the often over-aged and high-priced industry from all good. In the past 10 to 15 years, the young-timer scene was a real asset in the field of classic vehicles.

Youngtimer scene flourished – until now,

not only models such as a Porsche 911 (G-series) or a Mercedes S-class model series W 126 with an intermediate station, a young-timer to old-timer, on-demand, but also around the world mobile as an Opel Ascona, a Ford Granada, or the VW Golf II, press-inform / Land Rover Land Rover

But the end of the young-timer is close, because the vehicles, the are currently 15 to 25 years old, and so slow to the garage door to the world of Classical music, to tap, to no longer have those charm, the vehicles had in the last few years. The pieces are too large in numbers, their share of automotive history, mostly manageable, and so it is difficult for them to awaken desires in just younger people today already less keen on the theme of the car. 90 years Volvo: The most iconic cars of Sweden