the Police suspect that a røggaseksplosion is behind the accident at the city taars.

A younger man in danger after an explosion in a large guy in a country house by the city taars, writes

the Accident happened Friday morning a little before 11 a.m., police said to news agency Ritzau.

the Two men had filled fuel in the lighthouse and had then closed the gate. Shortly after the gate is torn off by an explosion.

The one man who is 22 years old, was severely injured and reported immediately in mortal danger, informs vagtchef Per Jørgensen at the North jutland Police. The other, who is 43 years old, was not quite so serious damage.

In a preliminary assessment says vagtchefen, that there can be talk about røggaseksplosion.

Opposite B. T. tells vagtchef Poul Fastergaard, that now is blocked of at the site, and detailed studies would later determine the specific cause of the explosion.

Vagtchefen informs, moreover, that the 43-year-old man received slight injuries in the head, when he was hit by objects from the port to the lighthouse.

The 22-year-old is, according to the police employed on a country estate, where the explosion took place.

Vagtchefen informs on Friday night, the 22-year-old remains in danger.