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“a female journalist asked to portray myself as I want to be seen, is brave, and almost historical,” explains the 31-year-old Yumna Al-Arashi, as it came to a special project with the famous men’s magazine.

Al-Arashi is not only the first Muslim, which is presented in the Nude in “Playboy”, but also the first woman for over 40 years, photographed for the magazine. “I would have been asked if I would like to have me as a Model stage, I would have refused to one hundred percent.”

Since they had the control over the production for the under the Motto “Freedom Of Speech” standing in the American version, she said. Because, as Pulitzer prize-winner Lynsey Addario, which was carried out for the Playboy with Al-Arashi the project: “you want to change the views of Muslims.”

“We are so dynamic”

This aim of Al-Arashi has been pursuing for a long time. For years already, it uses the body – your own or Friends – as the subject in your photo and video work, in order to qualify this – as she says – wrong image of the Muslim in Public and to revise. You have the impression that Muslims, particularly Muslim women, would be one-dimensional, suppressed and unhappy shown.

however, as Al-Arashi, the follow on Instagram over 70,000 Fans, “we are so dynamic. And all so different – so like all other people. I wanted to show the other page instead of the same negative image.” First Muslim arrived in the altogether in the German “Playboy”

As the “Playboy”offer, they had been first surprised, then impressed. “Usually it is a man who photographed a woman in an objectifying way. But the idea here is this: I decide how I want to be seen in ‘Playboy’, in the Knowledge of what that means and who will be the audience.”

With their self-portraits, which originated in the Philippines, wants to create Al-Arashi, what it has achieved as a photo journalist. To expand the perception of women from the Middle East, by showing something we rarely see: a unveiled, self-conscious Arab-American Muslim, who has the power to control their own representation.

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