Rijkevorsel / Lille –

The wolves, Noëlla, and August is already around for a while in the province of Limburg, but it could also be a new, wild wolves have been seen in the province of Antwerp, belgium. The desk Welkomwolf.be on Monday, several sightings of the wolves, has been investigating the wolf and the tracks of the animals that receive it, based in Rijkevorsel, Mol and Lille.

In Rijkevorsel, saw several observers, there was a wolf walking in the area of agriculture. “There was even a blurry photo can be,” said Jan Lightly of the Welkomwolf.be. “On the basis of the picture, however, is not known with 100% certainty that the issue of whether it is actually a wolf or a wolfdog.”

The discovery of a possible wolvensporen in Mol, it was made into a nursery. “The of individual paw prints have all the attributes of a wolf, but in principle it should be enough to loose paw prints, not to the certainty of a wolf to be able to talk to. Therefore, there is a much longer trace can be monitored and accurately measured.”

Tuesday morning, and received Welkomwolf.be the icing on the cake, images from a security camera to a concrete mixing plant along the albert canal in Herentals, in which a wolf is to see that at around 5.45 pm, a way of looking within the boundaries of the firm, but that the gate to the outside as soon as the gate is opened or closed. “Certainly, this is the last case of a wild wolf, what it sounds like.

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