Stephanie Siguenza lost recently his job as a substitute teacher because of the current corona-shutdown, but now she is already back at work.

The 20-year-old former ‘Year 0’-the protagonist is in the process of his gap year, after she last year became a student from Slagelse gymnasium and HF.

She has previously aired, a dream of eventually becoming a teacher, and therefore she got in the autumn job as a teacher – and pædagogvikar at a school in his hometown, but as the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, the 11. march, among other things, closed all the country’s schools, stood Stephanie i.e. without work.

Right until now, Stephanie has a quick working back between the hands.

She tells to B. T, that she ago the 26. march has worked as a vikarpædagog at the Autism Center Vestsjælland in Slagelse.

“I should find something else. The centre is a home for people with severe autism, who need additional support in everyday life. I’m omsorgspædagog for four citizens.”

She adds:

“It goes super fine, despite the circumstances. It is super fun, challenging, and very very new, so it is nice with a breath of fresh air in this time.

Stephanie says, that she right now lives in a cottage with her boyfriend Jeff not to bring his family in the infection, now that they are working daily with people.

the TV 2 is, as you know, starting all over again with their popular ‘Year 0’-series.

In the new game that is set to get its premiere in 2021 are the children born in 2020.