The core topic of the event and the week-long conference are the different operating systems of Apple devices. Apple boss Tim Cook traditionally opened the congress. Right at the beginning he presented the new operating system iOS 16.

It is speculated whether there will be a new Macbook Air to see. Apple may also give a first look at its first glasses for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The company has been working on such a device for years.

There is an innovation in pictures. In the future, the iPhone should be able to recognize objects in photos that you can then tap, grab and move into a message. iPhone will be able to recognize objects in photos, which you can then tap, grab, and drag into a message. In addition, the screen will soon be equipped with different background images. Information such as the watch’s fitness rings or calendar entries can then be easily added there.

Other innovations for the Apple Watch: With WatchOS 9, it will not only be able to record the duration of sleep, but also recognize the different sleep phases. The smartwatch should also be able to record the movements of runners and the current heart rate range. The devices from competitors can do some of this for a long time.