these Stories, in General, the usual. Someone returned. Someone never returned. Someone called in honor of the deceased father’s brother or mother. And someone chose to honor him the nickname. And yet – few returned loved to talk about it. But some of the writers managed to tell them. Each in its own way. But together one.

Yury Buyda: When my father asked about the war he always talked about how in June of 1941, the students of the Borisov tank school on foot kept the defense on the Berezina. And how he was sentenced to death for what he machine gun shot down a German plane, accusing him of “the detection and location of the military unit”. Thank God, was smart enough not shot. He went through the war and remembered most often only those June days: “It was hell. My first hell. And the first ad, like the first love, unforgettable. Then there was work.”

Dina Rubina: My uncle was lucky: he plowed the entire war, the year was considered missing, and finished it in Germany, the commander of artillery calculation of the legendary “Katyusha”, that first came to Berlin and was shot in the Reichstag. Of course, had and awards: order “red Star” for the liberation of poznań, medals “For courage”, “For Warsaw” and “Berlin”.

Here it is on picture, another Lieutenant of the guards troops in the beginning of the war, sitting between two friends who died later in the fighting. Burning this dark-eyed brunette, Zhukovsky – name. Lucky as a Gypsy.

Shamil Idiatullin: I Have fought both grandfathers, and both came back. Lutfulla went to the front in July of the 41st, in April of ‘ 42 gunner Idrisov broke both legs. Leg was saved, although in the hospitals the grandfather spent the next few months. Returned home, received medical treatment, got married, got first child (my father, which is rare for our country a year of birth – 1943), plowed the whole village for not returning the men, raised five children, lived to a ripe old age, about the war rarely told “Around rise – and with their hands to the Germans and I cry and then shoot”.

<…> Lutfulla gave the children the name in honor of his father’s Ideally – such was the tradition. Nurmuhamet in some documents passed as Izmailov. Some of my books signed by Idiatullina, others Izmailov, and the full names of ancestors I have from time to time, signed the journalistic texts. Love, pride, remember.


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