According to the “mirror”, the analysis was according to its own statements, referred to the collection of data on factors such as the period of output restrictions, and the number of violations of such, the furnishing of hospitals and the widespread availability of Corona Tests.

Particularly good at cutting Germany in the crisis management of the government, it said. Would be considered bars here, “the Functioning of the Crisis and the mobilization of fast-aid.”

Germany was “extremely efficient”, the procedure

“Germany has, in comparison to the other countries currently, the best security and stability of ranking in Europe and is also one of the world’s leading Nations in terms of crisis management,” the data expert Dimitry, Kaminsky, founder of DKG.

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in view of the initially high infection Germany had taken action to pay “extremely efficient” and have stopped further spread of the disease successfully, “without reaching the level of other States,” says Kaminsky. As a result, the country will have, according to the data of experts according to the pandemic, “significant economic benefits”.

the United Kingdom and the United States not in Top-40 Ranking

Germany is the only EU country that has made it into the worldwide Top-10 Ranking. 1st place Israel, Germany is an international comparison behind it, and the third place South Korea occupied. Australia, China and new Zealand close to the Top 3 in comparison: the UK and the USA are not represented in this Top 40 list at all. According to the “mirror” of the work the Institute is currently in a Top 100 list – here are the USA only the 70. Space.

In Europe-comparison, Switzerland and Austria, according to the DKG to Germany, the best crisis Manager. On the last places in Italy and Spain are therefore.

Israel is ranked 1, it is not surprising, according to data expert Anastassia Lauterbach. The “mirror” she said, one must note that the country is in a permanent state of Crisis “and a great deal of experience with the border closing has conditions, and Exception”. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online, Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose