World economy counts first loss of the coronavirus

They hope that the world’s governments will do everything they can to pandemic with one hand caused the least possible damage to human health, and on the other – would not destroy the economy, without which the return to normal life may be impossible.

According to the ILO expert, the collapse of the tourism industry could cost the world 11.5% of global GDP. Only European firms each month lose one billion euros in profit. Suffered and the transport sector. In the world fleet engaged two million sailors and 250 thousand people work on cruise ships. However, the bulk carriers and tankers, and passenger liners, now the majority are at berth, the volume of traffic has decreased dramatically.

the Automotive industry to the pandemic gave earnings of 14 million people, not including the staff of related companies, supplying components for machinery. The decline in economic activity sharply reduced their load and called into question the ability to earn.

Diving and aviation. According to the International air transport Association, the industry could be reduced by 44% compared to the end of 2019. The main reason is the restrictions on travel between the countries.

Suffering light industry. Quarantine measures and closed shops has sharply reduced demand, which in Bangladesh revenue producers was reduced by three billion dollars, and more than 2.1 million people were left without wages.

“We must increase investment in safety and improve working conditions for those working at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, – said the Director of sectoral policy Department of the ILO Aletta van Leur. – To ensure that the pandemic will not leave long-lasting scars on the economy, the people and their ability to work.”