the working group preparing the second reading of the draft law on remote work, discussing the distribution of Northern allowances to employees working remotely. About this newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the resolution of the lower house of Parliament.

member of the working group, Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Fedor Prokopov said that practical interest in the first place is the issue of payment of allowances to workers in the far North and equated territories, as the work in the mines or in hazardous occupations malovozmozhnym in remote format.

the size of the allowances varies from region to region and is calculated on the basis of the regional factor. In General, they range from 15 to 100 percent of salary. The maximum amount you plan to pay working in Chukotka, several districts of Yakutia, and the Kuril and commander Islands. In addition, the issue of the accrual of additional payments for work experience in the North, ranging from 10 to 100 percent depending on location and period, the newspaper said.

“We have to understand how to pay: the location of the company or at the place where the remote employee is working. For example, if the company in Norilsk, a remote employee in Sochi if he North Supplement? And if the opposite?”, — says prakopau.

the Ministry of labour on the question of the position of the Department on the matter said that the changes in the bill will be discussed in the discussion in the state Duma.

the state Duma on 21 July adopted in the first reading a draft law on remote work, envisaging amendments to Chapter 49.1 of the Labor code. They consolidate three remote work — permanent, temporary and combination. In addition, the amendments establish the right of an employee on remote to be offline — that is, all the tasks that he, upon the instruction executes after the end of the day, will be paid as overtime.