After the holidays I’ll have to inventory every room of our house. The clock has ticked in the last couple of weeks a little slower than before, is evident. The floor in the guest toilet: when I wiped the last Time? In the next room, I find a potential craft material on the floor. The kitchen drawer for miscellaneous (Tesa, tape, write things, etc.) is so crowded that a muted letter was pushed into the bowl compartment underneath. Without the same start and get into a work mode, I take time to Think about: How much I would like to set the goal of “order and cleanliness”?

breathe Easier

some time Ago I’ve found that for me, inner and outer order contexts. I am agitated, for example, then it helps me in the kitchen to clear it all away and work to wipe surfaces. The free space in the kitchen and also on an emotional level, the feeling to be able to breathe easier. The apartment is messy and dirty, I feel as a human being rather inadequate and the overall condition of my life unhappy.

Everything must go

A practical tip of “Simplify your Life” has proven itself in my clean-up practice: If you have a crowded kitchen drawer, an underwear drawer or an entire Garage to clean up, then from the space defined the first time quite. Everything out of there. Once wipe, sweep, crumbs, remove, clean, or whatever is necessary in order to feel this place as a new, fresh, free and clean. And then you stop and enjoy the view. And then the Clou: the Only items that make me happy, me Smile, and other good feelings, ready to come back in the clothes in which I feel comfortable pens that I enjoy writing and in addition to some Useful, what works well, of course, also things that are simply beautiful and the soul good.

The home trainer comes way

is Left, for example, the self-stitched table of the aunt, I hang up the phone never ceiling. They elicited in me a guilty Conscience and a sigh. Not to my taste. Never will be mine. The remains outside. The dress I bought for the wedding of friends six years ago, and in the I for the past five years no longer fit. The remains outside. The beauty of the dress does not help, and it’s not a good feeling, this piece of view. The home trainer with many features, I could theoretically use Yes even in the rain. But practically, I just feel guilty, if he is gathering so. The remains outside.

The Gift Shop

Yes, it is tedious to deal with the “other” items and make decisions. It helps if you know where you can things that are still good. For me, it is the “Gift”Shop for sustainability in the area. Some, perhaps, is endowed, to sell something or give away, or even to adapt it.

Pure Motivation

As a result of my tidying, I have a wardrobe that I open like. With clothes I like. Or a Garage with the things I need and use. The overall objective motivated: a living room, I like to go to. As much as possible of what’s bothering me, I do not want to cherish and not slide from left to right. After all, who has something like this? The aunt has nothing of the home trainer and in clothes that are too small, my self-acceptance.

A good perspective

In practice, I find it hard to imagine that my whole living room feels so. But it is a good perspective. And it feels alive, that I can decide. Because I decide myself, what’s good and what’s not. Of course, I live with other people and can’t sort out everything that comes to mind. Nevertheless, there is room for me maturity and Decision-making, that I have the opportunity to decide for themselves. And the small steps along the way, rid:, A handbag really contains only what makes it easier for me the From-the-house-Go, or a clear drawer to give me a good feeling that lasts for a while. And sometimes it does so well, that I take a second point in attack.

From the outside to the inside

To my “messy” home Affairs to clean up, doesn’t help, of course, a jammed countertop to life. How on I my life? In my treatment in the last year, I’ve got the following task: the cake of your life . All areas that require time or emotional energies, are a piece of this cake: work, family, duties in the Church, marriage, relationships, household, … Everyone is free to define his pieces. Each piece should be as big as it occupies a part of my (perceived) life.

paints the pieces and named, color comes into play. The cake should be colorful. Green is for areas that give me joy and allow me to recharge, even if you need time or energy. Red stands for areas that cost me nervous and frustrated and I do only reluctantly. And cost me time I don’t want to invest actually. Yellow represents areas that are in the middle. A piece of the cake may also have different colors and individually be painted. So the work can make self-pleasure, the nagging colleague, but to ruin your day. That would be a green piece with a red area.

A colorful life

as well as clean up of items I can consider what areas of my life give me joy, and which incriminate me. And if I painted the cake, I see all of these areas in front of me. A colorful life. The question now is, if I see my life in cake: I will eat this cake? Or more clear: I Want to live my life like that? If Yes, all is well.

Heavy Stress

When I saw my cake of life, has led me to some of the red area clearer. Of course, I can’t swipe things or get rid of. On the contrary, it is Often particularly difficult, just the red areas to get rid of. Because many of the red areas there are deeper reasons why this with me, “” have taken root.

A simmering conflict in a relationship, I’m not going to take it, maybe it’s because I dare to talk about my discomfort. Or because I’ve learned not to fight for me. Overload may come from expectations of others, to which I think meet. A great Frustration is, perhaps, because of the values that I have are in conflict with each other, and I’m not aware of it.

Overdue decisions

I can try to set priorities, to seek new approaches and to formulate any preferences or expectations, which are contrary to the Resolve of the areas, and let it go. This is also a pastor or counselor can be consulted.

It is also allowed to draw larger strokes, and finally the courage to make long overdue decisions. Even if it makes things uncertain. Perhaps, it is necessary to change the place of work. Or should I end a friendship that I only need to invest and in which I myself no room to be me.

The red spot

address is Not always, it must be so tragic and profound. At some of the red area, it is sufficient if I approach a little differently and be aware of your own expectations and let go. Some of the household tasks that bother me, I can delegate it, maybe, or somehow otherwise seek relief. If I’m brave, and am steps open might way, on the I’m not come.

it is Clear that changes and decisions on cost first strength and nerves. And not all of it might change it as I would like. But if I’m nothing, everything remains as it is.

How to start with a drawer at the outer or clean up, it’s good, here, too, the first time to a range start and a first red stain to tackle. Others can then follow. My goal is a cake that I like to eat is. Or: a life I like living.

Debora Güting is a pastor in the pastoral team in the Church of the Nazarene in Seligenstadt. Along with this she is fond of writing your thoughts to life in an article or a speaker at women events. She lives with her family in Linsengericht.

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