Women machinists went on the Filyovskaya line of the Moscow metro, said the Deputy mayor of the city on issues of transport Maxim Liksutov.

From January 1, began to act the order of the Ministry on approval of the list of works, which restricted the employment of women. It now includes 100 items instead of 456.

According to Liksutov, in 2021 women admitted to driving subway trains.

nowadays we believe that there should be a choice at all: to do and to work where he wants, regardless of gender. We are therefore very pleased that the Moscow metro is one of the first in the Russian Federation gives the opportunity to women who worked in the subway, to a new profession, — he noted.

He added that the candidate was ready to go on line since February 2020. The training is completely finished 12 of the 25 women who received the right to drive the train. In this case, they created a working form that includes both a skirt and pants, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier wrote that the total number of unemployed Russians in October reached 4,494 million According to experts in the field of personnel management Leo Sokolov, a pandemic COVID-19 has hit all sectors, high unemployment, Rosstat recorded in March and April.