The top Stock Car team will have a completely revamped duo in the 2025 season. After announcing the departure of three-time champion Ricardo Maurício last week and the arrival of 2016 champion Felipe Fraga on Thursday, RC, led by Rosinei Campos, also known as Meinha, surprised again by announcing the end of their commitment with Daniel Serra, another three-time category champion, on Saturday evening. As the main sponsor of RC, Eurofarma usually works with annual contract renewals for their drivers. Daniel Serra received a better offer from another team, also sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. The BFM team, backed by Blau laboratory, made an irresistible offer to the Stock Car three-time champion, who also competes in endurance races in IMSA and WEC. The deal was sealed over the weekend with the presence of Marcelo Hahn, owner of Blau, at Velocitta. It was also a countermove by the pharmaceutical company in the track and market rivalry. Serra’s new teammate will be Allam Khodair, who remains with the team.

At RC, the new duo will consist of Felipe Fraga and Gaetano di Mauro, currently with the Cavaleiro Sports team and winner of the sprint race at Velocitta. Just before turning 27, the driver has had the support of Eurofarma since last season and will now be part of Rosinei Campos’ team. The contracts of Fraga and Di Mauro are valid for one season.

“I still can’t believe it, I always wished for this, I always worked for this day to come, and now it’s real,” said Gaetano.

Overall, these changes mark a new chapter for the RC team in the upcoming Stock Car season. With experienced drivers like Fraga and Di Mauro joining forces with the team, the competition is expected to be fierce and exciting for fans. The departure of Serra opens up opportunities for new talent to rise in the Stock Car series, showcasing the depth of talent in Brazilian motorsports. As sponsors like Eurofarma and Blau continue to invest in the sport, the landscape of Stock Car racing is set to evolve, bringing fresh faces and captivating storylines to the forefront. Fans can look forward to an action-packed season ahead, filled with thrilling races and unexpected outcomes as the drivers take to the track to battle for supremacy in one of Brazil’s most prestigious racing series.