The recent decision by the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court to allow abortion in cases of medical emergencies in the state of Idaho has been met with praise from President Joe Biden. The court rejected an appeal by Republican authorities in Idaho, where abortion is almost entirely prohibited.

President Biden expressed his support for the decision, stating that “no woman should be denied healthcare, forced to wait until her life is in danger, or compelled to travel out of state simply to receive the care she needs.”

This decision was widely anticipated after a draft of the document was mistakenly published on the court’s website on Wednesday, as reported by Bloomberg. Three conservative judges and two progressives found that the court had “improperly accepted” this appeal against a lower court decision, lifting the suspension and remanding the case to lower courts.

Following its landmark decision in June 2022, which overturned the federal guarantee of the right to abortion, the Supreme Court has granted states full freedom to legislate in this area. Since then, approximately 20 states have either banned voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) by medication or surgery, or strictly regulated it.

This ruling highlights the ongoing debate over reproductive rights and access to healthcare in the United States. It underscores the importance of protecting women’s health and ensuring that they have the necessary care in times of medical emergencies. President Biden’s support for this decision reflects a commitment to upholding women’s rights and safeguarding their well-being.