Woman bored in isolation and found in the garden of an ancient treasure

a Resident of the English city of Portsmouth, County of Hampshire, found in the garden of his house a valuable coin, made 500 years ago. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

the 48-year-old Amanda Johnston (Amanda Johnston) was bored in isolation for coronavirus and decided to go on the site with a metal detector 11-year-old son George. As a result, it managed to find an ancient treasure — a gold coin minted during the reign of Henry VII. The coin is 22 carat was in the treatment of 1464 for 200 years. Its value six shillings and eight pence.

By law, the treasure hunters are not required to register the find, if your treasure consists of the same coin. In addition, Johnston found the treasure on his land, so in addition to her no one can claim.

“When searching for the treasure I used not only a metal detector of the son, but also a small trowel, told Johnston. I can’t believe I found a coin. It’s thin enough, but I immediately realized that it represents great value”.

the Briton admitted that he would like to keep the find, but it is likely that in the future she will sell it. Last year, a similar coin sold at auction for 2.6 thousand pounds (241,2 thousand).

In March, it was reported to the school from the UK, which begged the grandfather to give her a metal detector and in a minute found the axe of the bronze age. Grandpa looked like the axes on the Internet and came to the conclusion that the finding of a granddaughter can be around three thousand years.