Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders revealed that Donald Trump joked she should “take one for the team” after Kim Jong-un “winked” at her in 2018, sending woke Twitter into meltdown mode over the “disgusting” comment.

During the 2018 summit between the US and North Korea, Kim “made direct eye contact” with Sanders and then “nodded and appeared to wink,” according to her unreleased book, obtained by the Guardian on Tuesday. 

Later, Sanders writes, she told Trump and John Kelly, who was then his chief of staff, about the incident. “Kim Jong Un hit on you!” Trump allegedly responded. “He did! He f***ing hit on you!”

According to Sanders’ book, Trump then said: “Well, Sarah, that settles it. You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team!” Continuing the joke, Trump added: “Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!”

Trump and Kelly then “howled with laughter,” according to Sanders’ book.

While Sanders herself wasn’t highly amused by the joke, asking the president, “Sir, please stop,” Trump critics on Twitter were utterly outraged. Sanders’ name quickly began trending as some suggested Trump’s “disgusting” comment “wasn’t a joke” at all.

Quality leadership. We know it wasn’t a joke though.

One offended tweeter said the incident was proof that women were regarded by the Trump administration as nothing more than “pawns to be used.”

Some suggested that Trump was even “sexually harassing” Sanders with his words and willing to “pimp” her out to world dictators.

Donald Trump sexually harassing Sarah Sanders after Kim Jong-un winked at her would be the most revolting thing you’d ever hear about just about anybody but won’t even be the worst thing you’ll read about Donald Trump today.

Somewhat ironically, the sudden rush to defend Sanders against sexism comes after many of Trump’s opponents regularly mocked the former press secretary’s appearance when she was part of his team just a year ago.

Can we focus less on Sarah Sanders’ appearance and more on the fact that Trump joked about pimping her out to a brutal dictator while John Kelly howled with laughter? Thanks.

Some commenters did manage to stop themselves from jumping to conclusions, with one saying he needed more details on the incident but that it was likely “not a serious remark.”

I would want more detail: could easily be Trump’s sick sense of humor and not a serious remark.

Others responded in a more light-hearted manner altogether, with one suggesting Sanders and the North Korean leader could embark on a “romance that will save the world.” Some also tried to predict what other juicy tidbits could be revealed in Sanders upcoming book, with suggestions like “crosstraining with Putin” and “Sexy Scrabble” at Vice President Mike Pence’s residence.

Trump’s latest foreign policy solution: “Team Player” Sarah Sanders set to embark on a romance that will save the world. Inspiring!

Other tidbits from Sarah Sanders memoir:- Crosstraining with Putin- French braiding Melania’s hair during sleepover- Ivanka asking her to bartend- Taking Trump’s physical for him at Walter Reed- Catching Kayleigh trying on her poncho- “Sexy Scrabble” at the Pences

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