He reminded that the heating season in Moscow is over when within five days the average daily air temperature is kept above 8 degrees. In the last week the temperature in the city remains above this, and the forecast is colder will not. Just have to turn off the heat more than 70 thousand buildings, of which about 33 thousand homes.

a hot water city officials decided not to turn off anywhere until June 1, maintenance work on the networks of hot water housing was postponed for a later time. This is due to the regime self-isolation, which continues to operate in Moscow because of the pandemic coronavirus. Health facilities in the capital hot water this summer will not turn off at all. On time preventive maintenance they are simply transferred to the water supply from a backup source. They have 69 hospitals in the city. Repair of networks, despite the truncated time, to bring them into order, will, as always, until 1 September.

Penalties the same people in for late utility payments generally will not accrue. Entering the difficult situation of many families, city officials said, will pay when you have cash. And heat, water, gas, electricity, sewage, as a punishment in the apartments are not shut off. Moreover, in April the payment should no longer be a payment for overhaul – it was canceled by June 30.

the Ban on disconnection of utilities for non-payment aimed primarily at protecting those who can not transfer money remotely, and also to the citizens who now can’t pay the rent. But authorities recommend Muscovites not to accumulate debts and it is better to conclude with their supplier agreement on payment by installments.

Temporarily, until 1 January 2021 suspended and calibration of counters. “All managers and resource providers are required to accept the testimony of such meters if the validity of their calibration has expired after 6 April,” – said Biryukov. Fines and penalties, consumers be charged will not, and expect the payment will be at current rates.