to change the supply system of the Belarusian capital will allow the implementation of a government programme that guarantees to 2025, providing Minsk with drinking water solely from underground sources. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kukharev, noting that there was “quite a serious amount of work.”

first, he explained, “it is necessary to additionally provide delivery for the city of about 180 thousand cubic metres of water daily.” However, he said, quoted by BelTA, already developed programs, specialists are working on the documentation for construction of facilities and drilling additional wells.

And secondly, reminded the Deputy Prime Minister, is tasked in the whole country to provide in the next five years, all the RB population with quality drinking water. This purpose is also developed relevant state program. Only in the past year, he said, has already built 270 deferrization stations, and are scheduled for this year at least 280. The Kukharev believes that “in the next three years in all rural settlements will be completed” the same objects.

in addition, Vice-Prime Minister, who is taking on Friday part in the meeting of Board of the Ministry of housing and communal services, the Cabinet of Ministers is working on developing new programs and to increase the consumption of electricity in connection with the forthcoming commissioning of a nuclear power plant in Ostrovets.

This document, he said, will cover all activities and sectors of the economy. In addition, the government studies and issues to increase next year, twice the volume of housing under construction with electric heating.